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Rockit Girl Leeseul
Stage Name: Han Leeseul
Full Name: Han Jiyoon
Korean Stage Name: 한이슬
Korean Full Name: 한지윤
Date of Birth: 20000213
Rockit Girl Della
Stage Name: Della
Full Name: Park Sehyun
Korean Stage Name: 델라
Korean Full Name: 박세현
Date of Birth: 19950903
Som Hein
Stage Name: Som Hein
Full Name: Som Hyein
Korean Stage Name: 솜해인
Korean Full Name: 솜혜인
Date of Birth: 19961127
Kim Taeyeon
Stage Name: Taeyeon
Full Name: Kim Taeyeon
Korean Stage Name: 태연
Korean Full Name: 김태연
Date of Birth: 19890309
EVERGLOW Yiren Hush Concept
Stage Name: Yiren
Full Name: Wang Yiren
Korean Stage Name: 이런
Korean Full Name: 왕이런
Date of Birth: 20001229
EVERGLOW Aisha Hush Concept
Stage Name: Aisha
Full Name: Heo Yoorim
Korean Stage Name: 허유림
Korean Full Name: 아샤
Date of Birth: 20000721
EVERGLOW Onda Hush Concept
Stage Name: Onda
Full Name: Jo Selim
Korean Stage Name: 온다
Korean Full Name: 조세림
Date of Birth: 20000518
EVERGLOW Mia Hush Concept
Stage Name: Mia
Full Name: Han Eunji
Korean Stage Name: 미아
Korean Full Name: 한은지
Date of Birth: 20000113
EVERGLOW Sihyeon Hush Concept
Stage Name: Sihyeon
Full Name: Kim Sihyeon
Korean Stage Name: 시현
Korean Full Name: 김시현
Date of Birth: 19990805
EVERGLOW EU Hush Concept
Stage Name: E:U
Full Name: Park Jiwon
Korean Stage Name: 박지원
Korean Full Name: 이유
Date of Birth: 19980519
ITZY It'z Icy Concept Yuna
Stage Name: Yuna
Full Name: Shin Yuna
Korean Stage Name: 유나
Korean Full Name: 신유나
Date of Birth: 20031209
ITZY It'z Icy Concept Chaeryeong
Stage Name: Chaeryeong
Full Name: Lee Chaeryeong
Korean Stage Name: 채령
Korean Full Name: 이채령
Date of Birth: 20010605
ITZY It'z Icy Concept Ryujin
Stage Name: Ryujin
Full Name: Shin Ryujin
Korean Stage Name: 류진
Korean Full Name: 신류진
Date of Birth: 20010417
ITZY It'z Icy Concept Lia
Stage Name: Lia
Full Name: Choi Jisu
Korean Stage Name: 리아
Korean Full Name: 최지수
Date of Birth: 20000721
ITZY It'z Icy Concept Yeji
Stage Name: Yeji
Full Name: Hwang Yeji
Korean Stage Name: 예지
Korean Full Name: 황예지
Date of Birth: 20000526
Blackpink Lisa
Stage Name: Lisa
Full Name: Pranpriya Manoban
Korean Stage Name: 리사
Korean Full Name: 쁘란쁘리야 마노반
Date of Birth: 19970327
Blackpink Rose
Stage Name: Rosé
Full Name: Roseanne Park
Korean Stage Name: 로제
Korean Full Name: 로잔느 박
Date of Birth: 19970211
Blackpink Jennie
Stage Name: Jennie
Full Name: Kim Jennie
Korean Stage Name: 제니
Korean Full Name: 김제니
Date of Birth: 19960116
Blackpink Jisoo
Stage Name: Jisoo
Full Name: Kim Jisoo
Korean Stage Name: 지수
Korean Full Name: 김지수
Date of Birth: 19950103
Stage Name: Karin
Full Name: Min Karin
Korean Stage Name: 가린
Korean Full Name: 민가린
Date of Birth: 20020105
Stage Name: Sohee
Full Name: Kim Sohee
Korean Stage Name: 소희
Korean Full Name: 김소희
Date of Birth: 19991231
ELRIS Yukyung
Stage Name: Yukyung
Full Name: Lee Yukyung
Korean Stage Name: 유경
Korean Full Name: 이유경
Date of Birth: 19991105
ELRIS Hyeseong
Stage Name: Hyeseong
Full Name: Yang Hyeseon
Korean Stage Name: 혜성
Korean Full Name: 양혜선
Date of Birth: 19991015
Stage Name: Bella
Full Name: Choi Yuna
Korean Stage Name: 벨라
Korean Full Name: 최윤아
Date of Birth: 19990202
Cherry Bullet May
Stage Name: May
Full Name: Hirokawa Mao
Korean Stage Name: 메이
Korean Full Name: 히로카와 마오
Date of Birth: 20041117
Cherry Bullet LinLin
Stage Name: Lin Lin
Full Name: Huang Ziting
Korean Stage Name: 린린
Korean Full Name: 황자정
Date of Birth: 20030705
Cherry Bullet Chaerin
Stage Name: Chaerin
Full Name: Park Chaerin
Korean Stage Name: 채린
Korean Full Name: 박채린
Date of Birth: 20020313
Cherry Bullet Remi
Stage Name: Remi
Full Name: N/A
Korean Stage Name: 레미
Korean Full Name: N/A
Date of Birth: 20010426
Cherry Bullet Kokoro
Stage Name: Kokoro
Full Name: Kato Kokoro
Korean Stage Name: 코코로
Korean Full Name: 카토 코코로
Date of Birth: 20001101
Cherry Bullet Jiwon
Stage Name: Jiwon
Full Name: Heo Jiwon
Korean Stage Name: 지원
Korean Full Name: 허지원
Date of Birth: 20000904
Cherry Bullet Bora
Stage Name: Bora
Full Name: Kim Bora
Korean Stage Name: 보라
Korean Full Name: 김보라
Date of Birth: 19990303
Cherry Bullet Mirae
Stage Name: Mirae
Full Name: Kim Kyungjoo
Korean Stage Name: 미래
Korean Full Name: 김경주
Date of Birth: 19980326
Cherry Bullet Yuju
Stage Name: Yuju
Full Name: Choi Yuju
Korean Stage Name: 유주
Korean Full Name: 최유주
Date of Birth: 19970305
Cherry Bullet Haeyoon
Stage Name: Haeyoon
Full Name: Park Haeyoon
Korean Stage Name: 해윤
Korean Full Name: 박해윤
Date of Birth: 19960110
fromis_9 Jiheon
Stage Name: Jiheon
Full Name: Baek Jiheon
Korean Stage Name: 지헌
Korean Full Name: 백지헌
Date of Birth: 20030417
fromis_9 Nakyung
Stage Name: Nakyung
Full Name: Lee Nakyung
Korean Stage Name: 나경
Korean Full Name: 이나경
Date of Birth: 20000601
fromis_9 Chaeyoung
Stage Name: Chaeyoung
Full Name: Lee Chaeyoung
Korean Stage Name: 채영
Korean Full Name: 이채영
Date of Birth: 20000514
fromis_9 Seoyeon
Stage Name: Seoyeon
Full Name: Lee Seoyeon
Korean Stage Name: 서연
Korean Full Name: 이서연
Date of Birth: 20000122
fromis_9 Jisun
Stage Name: Jisun
Full Name: Roh Jisun
Korean Stage Name: 지선
Korean Full Name: 노지선
Date of Birth: 19981123
fromis_9 Jiwon
Stage Name: Jiwon
Full Name: Park Jiwon
Korean Stage Name: 지원
Korean Full Name: 박지원
Date of Birth: 19980320
Gyuri fromis_9
Stage Name: Gyuri
Full Name: Jang Gyuri
Korean Stage Name: 규리
Korean Full Name: 장규리
Date of Birth: 19971227
Hayoung fromis_9
Stage Name: Hayoung
Full Name: Song Hayoung
Korean Stage Name: 하영
Korean Full Name: 송하영
Date of Birth: 19970929
fromis_9 Saerom
Stage Name: Saerom
Full Name: Lee Saerom
Korean Stage Name: 새롬
Korean Full Name: 이새롬
Date of Birth: 19970107
Jang Wonyoung
Stage Name: Wonyoung
Full Name: Jang Wonyoung
Korean Stage Name: 원영
Korean Full Name: 장원영
Date of Birth: 20040831
Ahn Yujin
Stage Name: Yujin
Full Name: Ahn Yujin
Korean Stage Name: 유진
Korean Full Name: 안유진
Date of Birth: 20030901
Jo Yuri
Stage Name: Yuri
Full Name: Jo Yuri
Korean Stage Name: 유리
Korean Full Name: 조유리
Date of Birth: 20011022