dbkpop Glossary

dbkpop Glossary

In this page I’ll try to explain some of the terminology used in this site.

For a complete glossary, you can check r/kpop’s Glossary, and of couse The Kpopalypse Lexicon.

Title Track: It’s the song from a release that will have a Music Video (MV) and will be promoted in Music Shows.

Teaser Photo: They are promotional photos that are released days or weeks before the release of the Music Video/Album

Concept Photo: They are promotional photos that are released usually after the release of the Music Video/Album. Most of the time are the same as the teaser photos, but without any logos, and in better quality and resolution

HD/HQ/HR: HD means High Definition, HQ means High Quality and HR means High Resolution. They are used more like a 3-star system of photo quality here. If a teaser photo is at least 1000 pixels in width or height, and in good quality (not pixelated) it gets a HQ tag. If it’s more than 1500 pixels in width or height, and it’s in good quality it also gets a HD tag. And finally, if it is much bigger than that, it usually gets a HR tag. For extreme cases of resolution and quality, the tag UHD (Ultra High Definition) is used.

who’s who: Also found as who is who, there are dedicated pages that help you tell apart which member is who in K-Pop Music Videos.

Screencap: A photo taken from a Music Video, or Music Video teaser. Usually in HD (1920×1080) resolution, or in 4K resolution if the source is 4K.

Boy/Girl: Found in the MV pages, Boy means Boy Group, Girl means Girl Group. Same for Boy Solo and Girl Solo. Although the artists are old enough to not considered boys or girls, we use this because the male/female terms would make searching less optimal (the word “female” contains the word “male” so filtering the word “male” would bring both male and female results).

Co-Ed: It’s the term used for groups consisting of both male and female members, like KARD. It’s Short for the original phrase co-educational referring to an educational institution that taught males and females together, and may have been used in K-Pop instead of the term “Mixed”, because of MBK’s group Co-Ed School (which split in F-ve Dolls and SPEED).