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The site hosts a database of K-Pop idols, you can see some tables generated from the database by clicking them on the header menu.

You can also see MVs with who-is-whos, Idol profiles and Group profiles! All the photos in this site are of the highest resolution and definition available (HD/HR), so they are perfect for wallpapers or prints.

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Site Updates

210210 – All MVs added to the database, 4180+ MVs in total.

200605 – All MVs added to the database, 180+ MVs in 2020, 3750+ MVs in total.

200327 – Added 32 idols from CRAXY, CRAVITY, TOO, UNVS and TEEN TEEN to the database. Mvs are updated.

200305 – Added 16 MVs to the database, all MVs until March 5, 2020 are in

200218 – Added all MVs until February 18, and all December 2019 MVs to the database.

200203 – Added 12 MVs from 2020 to the database.

200121 – Added 25 Idols to the database – total 1254 idols.

200109 – Added 15 MVs from 2020 to the database

191216 – Added 9 Dance Practices to the K-Pop Dance Practice Videos List – Total 157

190709 Added an Index Page for K-Pop Group MVs List.

190702 Added two Quizes: The Average Color of every Twice MV and every BTS MV.

190620 Added a page with all M2 Dance Relay videos.

190611 Added a page for Kpop Official Colors.

190603 Added a Database table page for K-Pop Group Instagrams.

190516 Adde a page for Kpop Idols with YouTube Channels.

190415 Added a page for Pitchfork Kpop Reviews.

190323 Added a page for Produce X 101 Contestants!

190225 Added the Random K-Pop YouTube Comment Generator page!

190121 Added pages for Longest Girl Group Hiatus / Days Since Last Comeback and Longest Boy Group Hiatus / Days Since Last Comeback

190106 Added a Database table page for 2019 K-Pop MVs.

181224 Added database page for K-Pop idols from China, Japan and Thailand.

181207 Added a database page for K-Pop Enlistment and Discharge Dates

181127 Added a database page for Upcoming K-Pop Birthdays and Upcoming K-Pop Group Anniversaries.

181028 Added a database page for K-Pop Idols Born in 2003.

180713 Added a Database table page for K-Pop Idol Instagrams.

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