IVE Wonyoung born in 2004

K-Pop Idols Born in 2004

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Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 2004 (Kpop ’04 liners, K-Pop Idols Born in 2004).

Male K-Pop Idols born in 2004 are shown in a row with light blue background

Female K-Pop Idols born in 2004 are shown in a row with light pink background

Girl pictured above is Jang Wonyoung from IVE.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name K. Stage Name Date of Birth Group Country Gender
Minjung Cha Minjung 민정 2004-07-15 South Korea F
Chaeyeon Kim Chaeyeon 채연 2004-12-04 tripleS South Korea F
Profile Wonyoung Jang Wonyoung 원영 2004-08-31 IVE South Korea F
Profile May Hirokawa Mao 메이 2004-11-16 Cherry Bullet Japan F
Haruto Watanabe Haruto 하루토 2004-04-05 Treasure Japan M
Jeongwoo Park Jeongwoo 정우 2004-09-28 Treasure South Korea M
Dohyon Nam Dohyon 도현 2004-11-10 BAE173 South Korea M
Win Bang Junhyuk 2004-12-19 MCND South Korea M
Jinwoo Lee Jinwoo 진우 2004-09-13 Ghost9 South Korea M
Lucy Kim Daeun 루시 2004-04-09 woo!ah! South Korea F
Minseo Kim Minseo 민서 2004-08-12 woo!ah! South Korea F
Songyee Park Songyee 송이 2004-09-25 South Korea F
Profile Jaehee Lee Jaehee 재희 2004-03-18 Weeekly South Korea F
Profile Jihan Han Jihyo 지한 2004-07-12 Weeekly South Korea F
Alex Alexander Schmidt Lee 알렉스 2004-10-06 DRIPPIN Germany M
Profile Jungwon Yang Jungwon 정원 2004-02-09 ENHYPEN South Korea M
Harry-June Han Harry-June 해리준 2004-01-01 DKB South Korea M
Ahyoon Choi Subin 아윤 2004-10-23 BOTOPASS South Korea F
Profile Yoon Shim Jayoon 2004-04-14 STAYC South Korea F
Profile J Jang Yeeun 제이 2004-12-09 STAYC South Korea F
Doha Na Gyumin 도하 2004-03-07 BAE173 South Korea M
Bit No Minjae 2004-07-21 BAE173 South Korea M
Hyunbin Kim Hyunbin 현빈‬ 2004-05-26 TRI.BE South Korea F
Kio Udo Musashi 키오 2004-11-28 T1419 South Korea M
Profile Juhyeon Lee Juhyeon 주현 2004-04-08 LIGHTSUM South Korea F
Profile Yujeong Lee Yujeong 유정 2004-06-14 LIGHTSUM South Korea F
Shinye Kam Yerim 신예 2004-03-07 MAJORS South Korea F
Yubin Jang Yubin 유빈 2004-06-10 Mirae South Korea M
Wooju Cho Wooju 우주 2004-01-21 BLITZERS South Korea M
Yewon Park Yewon 예원 2004-01-11 HOT ISSUE South Korea F
Yebin Kim Yebin 예빈 2004-11-01 HOT ISSUE South Korea F
Dain Jung Dain 다인 2004-12-15 HOT ISSUE South Korea F
Sohee Uhm Sohee 소희 2004-01-01 South Korea F
Profile Yeju Kim Yeju 예주 2004-02-01 ICHILLIN' South Korea F
A-min Cho Minwoo 아민 2004-05-22 EPEX South Korea M
Baek Seung Kim Hyunwoo 백승 2004-10-05 EPEX South Korea M
Hayun Choi Hayun 하윤 2004-01-16 Hi-L South Korea F
Yeseul Kim Yeseul 예슬 2004-03-24 Hi-L South Korea F
Profile Sullyoon Seol Yoona 설윤 2004-01-26 NMIXX South Korea F
Profile Jinni Choi Yujin 지니 2004-04-16 South Korea F
Profile Bae Bae Jinsol 배이 2004-12-28 NMIXX South Korea F
Hikaru Ezaki Hikaru 히카루 2004-03-12 Kep1er Japan F
Youngeun Seo Youngeun 영은 2004-12-27 Kep1er South Korea F
Bahiyyih Huening Bahiyyih 바히에 2004-07-27 Kep1er USA F
Profile Rei Naoi Rei 레이 2004-02-03 IVE Japan F
Profile Liz Kim Jiwon 리즈 2004-11-21 IVE South Korea F
Profile Yel Han Shinyoung 2004-12-25 H1-KEY South Korea F
Sowon Nam Soeun 소원 2004-12-13 TRACER South Korea F
Sodam Park Sodam 박소담 2004-11-26 BLANK2Y South Korea M
Jiho Jang Jiho 지호 2004-08-10 NINE.i South Korea M
Sion Kim Sion 시온 2004-10-19 YOUNITE South Korea M
Yue Nancy Yang 유에 2004-07-03 Lapillus USA F
Bessie Kim Susanna 베시 2004-07-15 Lapillus South Korea F
Profile Minji Kim Minji 민지 2004-05-07 NewJeans South Korea F
Profile Hanni Pham Ngoc Han 하니 2004-10-06 NewJeans Vietnam F
Suhye Kim Suhye 수혜 2004-12-13 LIMELIGHT South Korea F
Haemin Jung Haemin 해민 2004-03-16 8TURN South Korea M
Kyungmin Jo Kyungmin 경민 2004-10-28 8TURN South Korea M
Kotone Kamimoto Kotone 코토네 2004-03-10 tripleS Japan F
Seunghwan Jeong Seunghwan 승환 2004-01-27 ATBO South Korea M
Yeonkyu Kim Yeonkyu 연규 2004-05-03 ATBO South Korea M
Won Bin Won Bin 원빈 2004-07-01 ATBO South Korea M
Jia Yoon Jia 지아 2004-01-16 mimiirose South Korea F
Damin Kang Damin 다민 2004-03-24 Queenz Eye South Korea F
Hwi Eun Hwi 2004-11-11 TNX South Korea M
Junhyeok Cheon Junhyeok 준혁 2004-09-20 TNX South Korea M
Yeonseo Ryu Yeonseo 연서 2004-09-26 We;Na South Korea F
Wony Ahn Seungwon 워니 2004-10-04 We;Na South Korea F
Saena Jung Sehyun 새나 2004-03-12 FIFTY FIFTY South Korea F
Sio Jeong Jiho 시오 2004-10-06 FIFTY FIFTY South Korea F
Aran Jeong Eunah 아란 2004-10-11 FIFTY FIFTY South Korea F
Sumin Choi Sumin 수민 2004-04-07 xikers South Korea M
Jinsik Han Jinsik 진식 2004-07-30 xikers South Korea M
Hyunwoo Choi Hyunwoo 현우 2004-12-04 xikers South Korea M
Nohyul Lee Nohyul 노율 2004-06-18 CMDM South Korea M
Seungho Kim Seungho 승호 2004-07-19 CMDM South Korea M
Profile Gyuvin Kim Gyuvin 규빈 2004-08-30 ZEROBASEONE South Korea M
Profile Ricky Shen Quanrui 리키 2004-05-20 ZEROBASEONE China M
Seowon Jung Seowon 서원 2004-04-26 ADYA South Korea F
Profile Taesan Han Dongmin 태산 2004-08-10 BOYNEXTDOOR South Korea M
Profile Leehan Kim Donghyun 이한 2004-10-20 BOYNEXTDOOR South Korea M
Jaewon Shin Jaewon 재원 2004-03-02 The Wind South Korea M
Heesoo Kim Heesoo 희수 2004-05-12 The Wind South Korea M
Chanyoung Jung Chanyoung 찬영 2004-01-31 HAWW South Korea M
Louii Park Seonghoon 루이 2004-03-06 HAWW South Korea M
Juho Yang Zuho 주호 2004-03-04 HAWW South Korea M
Belle Shim Hyewon 2004-03-20 KISS OF LIFE South Korea F
IVE Wonyoung born in 2004

IVE Wonyoung born in 2004

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