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K-Pop Idols Born in 1992

Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 1992 (Kpop ’92 liners).

Male K-Pop Idols born in 1992 are shown in a row with light blue background

Female K-Pop Idols born in 1992 are shown in a row with light pink background

Girl pictured above is Yura from Girl’s Day.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name K. Stage Name Date of Birth Group Country Gender
Soyou Kang Jihyun 소유 1992-02-12 SISTAR South Korea F
Profile HyunA Kim Hyuna 현아 1992-06-06 4minute South Korea F
Profile Yuna Seo Yuna 유나 1992-12-30 AoA South Korea F
Profile Yura Kim Ahyoung 유라 1992-11-06 Girl's Day South Korea F
Profile Hani Ahn Hee-yeon 하니 1992-05-01 EXID South Korea F
Profile Sunmi Lee Sunmi 선미 1992-05-02 Wonder Girls South Korea F
Profile Hyerim Woo Hyerim 혜림  1992-09-01 Wonder Girls South Korea F
Keumjo Lee Keumjo 금조 1992-12-17 9Muses South Korea F
Amber Amber Josephine Liu 엠버 1992-09-18 f(x) USA F
Profile Babysoul Lee Soojung 베이비소울 1992-07-06 Lovelyz South Korea F
Profile Yujeong Kim Yujeong 유정 1992-02-14 South Korea F
Moonbyul Moon Byulyi 문별 1992-12-22 Mamamoo South Korea F
Hyeji Jeong Hyeji 혜지 1992-04-02 4TEN South Korea F
Lizzy Park Sooyoung 리지 1992-07-31 After School South Korea F
E-Young Noh Yiyoung 이영 1992-08-16 After School South Korea F
K.Me Na Miri 케이미 1992-04-10 BADKIZ South Korea F
Profile Eunji Hong Eunji 은지 1992-07-19 Brave Girls South Korea F
Yoojin Jang Yoojin 유진 1992-09-14 South Korea F
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun 백현 1992-05-06 EXO South Korea M
Chen Kim Jongdae 1992-09-21 EXO South Korea M
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol 찬열 1992-11-27 EXO South Korea M
Profile Sandeul Lee Junghwan 산들 1992-03-20 B1A4 South Korea M
Profile Baro Cha Sunwoo 바로 1992-09-05 South Korea M
Profile Zico Woo Jiho 지코 1992-09-14 Block B South Korea M
Profile U-Kwon Kim Yukwon 유권 1992-04-09 Block B South Korea M
Profile Park Kyung Park Kyung 박경 1992-07-08 Block B South Korea M
Profile Jin Kim Seokjin 1992-12-04 BTS South Korea M
L Kim Myungsoo 1992-03-13 Infinite South Korea M
Profile Ken Lee Jaehwan 1992-04-06 VIXX South Korea M
Yoosung Jeong Yoosung 유성 1992-10-08 South Korea M
Kichun Hwang Kichun 기천 1992-03-14 South Korea M
Hyunsik Lim Hyunsik 현식 1992-03-07 BtoB South Korea M
Sihyoung Kim Sihyoung 시형 1992-05-15 HISTORY South Korea M
Jaeho Kim Jaeho 재호 1992-09-17 HISTORY South Korea M
Takuya Terada Takuya 타쿠야 1992-03-18 CROSS GENE Japan M
Sangmin Kim Sangmin 상민 1992-07-07 CROSS GENE South Korea M
Profile J.seph Kim Taehyung 제이셉 1992-06-21 KARD South Korea M
Profile BM Matthew Kim 비엠 1992-10-20 KARD South Korea M
Profile Jinho Jo Jinho 조진호 1992-04-17 PENTAGON South Korea M
Lee Haein Lee Haein 이해인 1992-07-04 I.B.I South Korea F
C.A.P Bang Minsoo 1992-11-04 Teen Top South Korea M
Dongjun Kim Dongjun 동준 1992-02-11 ZE:A South Korea M
Shownu Son Hyunwoo 셔누 1992-06-18 MONSTA X South Korea M
Hoony Lee Seunghoon 승훈 1992-01-11 WINNER South Korea M
Jae Park Jaehyung 제이 1992-09-15 DAY6 South Korea M
Seunghyun Song Seungyun 승현 1992-08-21 FTISLAND South Korea M
Minhwan Choi Minhwan 민환 1992-11-11 FTISLAND South Korea M
Kwangjin Kwon Kwangjin 광진 1992-08-12 N.Flying South Korea M
Seunghyub Lee Seunghyub 승협 1992-10-31 N.Flying South Korea M
Gaeun Cho Kaeun 가은 1992-07-28 South Korea F
Yunji Lee Yunji 윤지 1992-04-04 Playback South Korea F
Benji Baek Jaewook 벤지 1992-05-03 B.I.G USA M
Jerrry Ahn Sohyun 제리 1992-08-27 Tahiti South Korea F
Eunyoung Joo Eunyoung 은영 1992-06-12 Two X South Korea F
Nari Kim Nari 나리 1992-10-05 Wassup South Korea F
Jonghwan Jo Jonghwan 종환 1992-11-23 100% South Korea M
Daeil Kim Daeil 대일 1992-05-10 South Korea M
Sunwoo Choi Sunwoo 선우 1992-03-12 Boys Republic South Korea M
Sungjun Park Sungjun 성준 1992-12-17 Boys Republic South Korea M
Junhyuk Choi Junhyuk 준혁 1992-04-21 HOTSHOT South Korea M
Hojoon Jeon Hojoon 호준 1992-10-31 Topp Dogg South Korea M
Kidoh Jin Hyosang 키도 1992-12-16 South Korea M
Seogoong Park Hyunho 서궁 1992-05-01 South Korea M
Gohn Kim Dongsung 1992-08-01 South Korea M
Suhyun Choi Hyunggeun 수현 1992-10-01 SNUPER South Korea M
Yoonjo Shin Yoonjo 윤조 1992-12-14 UNI.T South Korea F
Baron Choi Chunghyeop 바론 1992-04-19 VAV South Korea M
Ace Jang Wooyoung 에이스 1992-08-28 VAV South Korea M
E.sol Jeon Jaehyuk 이솔 1992-09-17 14U South Korea M
Dongkyu Moon Dongkyu 동규 1992-11-16 Spectrum South Korea M
Hyunji Kim Hyunji 현지 1992-06-30 Hashtag South Korea F
Jiahn Yoo Jiahn 지안 1992-04-01 IN2IT South Korea M
Yeontae Jeong Yeontae 연태 1992-07-06 IN2IT South Korea M
Eunho Shin Donggeun 은호 1992-09-10 UNVS South Korea M
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