K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts Lists


In this database page, we have in one place all tables for K-Pop comebacks and debuts per month, since the beginning of these posts (from August 2019).

You can click the links before the months for detailed posts, rumored releases and more.

July 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-07-02Swan (Purple Kiss)Solo DebutTwentyTwenty (prod. Jungkey)Girl Group
2023-07-04TEEN TOPComeback4SHOBoy Group
2023-07-05TXTJapaneseSweetJapanese Single AlbumBoy Group
2023-07-05CRAVITYJapanese DebutGroovy -Japanese ver.-Boy Group
2023-07-05KISS OF LIFEDebutKISS OF LIFE1st Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-07-07TXTComebackDo It Like That (with Jonas Brothers)Digital SingleBoy Group
2023-07-10ZEROBASEONEDebutYouth in the Shade1st Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-07-10EXOComebackEXISTBoy Group
2023-07-11NMIXXComebackA Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream3rd Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-07-12Jay (iKON)ComebackBlue MoonBoy Solo
2023-07-12Sandara ParkComebackSandara Park1st Mini AlbumGirl Solo
2023-07-14Jungkook (BTS)Solo ComebackSevenBoy Solo
2023-07-17NCT DREAMComebackISTJ3rd Full AlbumBoy Group
2023-07-21NewJeansComebackGet UpETA2nd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-07-24Oh My GirlComebackGolden Hourglass9th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-07-25SaturdayComebackFind Summer6th Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-07-26MISAMO (Twice)Japanese DebutMasterpieceDo Not TouchGirl Group
2023-07-28JanuaryDebutRememberGirl Group
2023-07-28TREASUREComebackRebootBoy Group
2023-07-31ITZYComebackKILL MY DOUBTCakeGirl Group
2023-07-31INFINITEComeback13eginBoy Group
2023-07-31SEVENUSComebackSummúsWonderlandBoy Group
2023-07-26The WindPre-ReleaseSummer VacationBoy Group
2023-07-25ILY:1ComebackNew ChapterMy ColorGirl Group

June 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-06-01B.IComebackTo Die For2nd Full AlbumBoy Solo
2023-06-02Stray KidsComeback5-StarBoy Group
2023-06-05Taeyong (NCT)Solo DebutSHALALA1st Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-06-05fromis_9ComebackUnlock my World#menow1st Full AlbumGirl Group
2023-06-07Wooyoung (2PM)JapaneseOff the recordJapanese Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-06-08P1HarmonyComebackHARMONY : All InJump6th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-06-12VAVComebackSubcönscióus7th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-06-13The BoyzJapaneseDeliciousJapanese Full AlbumBoy Group
2023-06-13Ren (NU'EST)Solo DebutRen’dezvous1st Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-06-16GreatGuysComeback5th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-06-16ATEEZComebackTHE WORLD EP.2 : OUTLAWBoy Group
2023-06-21SKYEJapanese DebutA New BeginningJapanese Single AlbumBoy Group
2023-06-23I.M (MOSNTA X)ComebackOVERDRIVEBoy Solo
2023-06-27Choi YenaComebackHATE XX2nd Single AlbumGirl Solo
2023-07-20Kim JaehwanComebackJ.A.M (Journey Above Music)6th Mini AlbumBoy Solo
We;NaComebackGirl Group
SHINeeComebackBoy Group

May 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-05-01LE SSERAFIMComebackUnforgivenUnforgiven1st Full AlbumGirl Group
2023-05-02BtoBComebackWind and WishWind and Wish12th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-04iKONComebackTake OffU / TantaraBoy Group
2023-05-04+(KR)ystal Eyes (tripleS)Unit DebutAestheticCherry TalkGirl Group
2023-05-08aespaComebackMy WorldSpicy3rd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-05-08ONEUSComebackPygmalionErase Me9th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-09ADYADebutADYAPerGirl Group
2023-05-10Nicole (KARA)JapaneseSelfishSelfishGirl Solo
2023-05-10PentagonJapaneseShhShhBoy Group
2023-05-11ICHILLIN'ComebackSirenSiren5th Digital SingleGirl Group
2023-05-12AIMERSComebackBubblingBubble1st Single AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-15(G)I-DLEComebackI feelQueencard6th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-05-15The WindDebutBeginning : The Wind PageIsland1st Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-16VeriVeryComebackLiminality EP. DREAMCrazy Like That7th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-17BilllieJapaneseGingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Japanese ver. -Girl Group
2023-05-17YOUNITEComebackBIT Part.1Waterfall4th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-17Lee MijooSolo DebutMovie StarMovie Star1st Single AlbumGirl Solo
2023-05-22ENHYPENComebackDark BloodBite Me4th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-22JoohoneySolo DebutLightsFreedom1st Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-05-23KARDComebackICKYIcky6th Mini AlbumCo-ed Group
2023-05-23Kim DoahSolo DebutDream WalkingDream WalkingGirl Solo
2023-05-24YesungJapanese1st Japanese Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-05-24DreamcatcherComebackApocalypse : From UsBONVOYAGE8th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-05-24SECRET NUMBERComebackDoxaDOXA6th Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-05-27n.SSignPre-DebutMonologuePre-Debut mini RepackageBoy Group
2023-05-28Eunice (DIA)Solo DebutBLUE ROS3Girl Solo
2023-05-29CIXComebackOK' Episode 2 : I’m OKSave me, Kill me6th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-05-30BOYNEXTDOORDebutWho!Boy Group
2023-05-30E.SOComebackNumbGirl Solo
2023-05-31DiawingsComebackGirl Group
2023-05-31TWICEJapaneseHare HareHare Hare10th Japanese SingleGirl Group
2023-05-31IVEJapaneseWaveWave1st Japanese Mini AlbumGirl Group

April 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-04-04WE:AJapanese Debut24/71st Japanese SingleBoy Solo
2023-04-05STAYCJapaneseTeddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-Girl Group
2023-04-05ApinkComebackSelfDND10th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-10Kep1erComebackLovestruck!GiddyGirl Group
2023-04-10IVEComebackI've IVEI AM1st Full AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-10KARDComebackWithout YouWithout You3rd Digital SingleCo-ed Group
2023-04-101CHU (HEYGIRLS)ComebackSirenGirl Group
2023-04-11x:inDebutKeeping the FireKeeping the FireGirl Group
2023-04-12Lee ChaeyeonComebackOver the MoonKnockGirl Solo
2023-04-12DreamnoteComebackSecondary PageLemonade5th Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-12JUST BComebackCamelliaCamelliaBoy Group
2023-04-13Yeeun (CLC)Solo DebutThe BeginningCherry Coke1st Single AlbumGirl Solo
2023-04-13DAWNComebackDear My LightDear My LightBoy Solo
2023-04-16BOL4ComebackLove.zip8th Mini AlbumGirl Solo
2023-04-16KANNI (Girlkind Xeheun)Solo DebutAprilliaAprilliaGirl Solo
2023-04-17NCT DOJAEJUNGUnit DebutPerfumePerfume1st Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-17Gikwang (Highlight)ComebackPredatorPredator1st Full AlbumBoy Solo
2023-04-17MustBComebackRoyaltyBoy Group
2023-04-17Bang YonggukPre-releaseBoy Solo
2023-04-17TEMPESTComebackBefore the StormDangerousBoy Group
2023-04-19Golden ChildJapaneseInvisible CrayonCrayonBoy Group
2023-04-19ALICEComebackShow DownShow Down2nd Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-19DRIPPINComebackSEVEN SINSBoy Group
2023-04-20Ryu SujeongSolo ComebackArchive of EmotionsGrabby Girl1st Full AlbumGirl Solo
2023-04-20Giuk (ONEWE)Solo DebutPsycho Xybernetics : TURN OVERBoy Solo
2023-04-21agustDComebackD-DayBoy Solo
2023-04-24SEVENTEENComebackFML10th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-25xodiacDebutThrow a DiceBoy Group
2023-04-26TFNJapaneseOUR TEEN:YELLOW SIDE2nd Japanese Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-26EPEXComebackPrelude of Love Chapter 2. Growing Pains5th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-26Xdinary HeroesComebackDeadlock3rd Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-26WOODZComebackOO-LI5th Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-04-27CMDMDebutBack to the Future1st SIngle AlbumBoy Group
TaeyeonComeback5th Mini AlbumGirl Solo

March 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-03-02OnlyOneOfComebackseOul cOllectiOnseOul driftBoy Group
2023-03-03j-hopeSpecialon the streeton the street feat. J.ColeDigital SingleBoy Solo
2023-03-03SECRET NUMBERJapanese DebutLike it Like it1st Japanese SingleGirl Group
2023-03-07Cherry BulletComebackCherry DashP.O.W! (Play On the World)3rd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-03-07YujuComebackOWithout U2nd Mini AlbumGirl Solo
2023-03-09Nicole JungComebackMysterious2nd Digital SingleGirl Solo
2023-03-10TWICEComebackReady to BeSet me Free12th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-03-10PixyComebackChosen KarmaKarma4th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-03-13KaiSolo ComebackRover3rd Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-03-15DRIPPINJapaneseHello GoodbyeBoy Group
2023-03-15Kep1erJapaneseFLY-BYI do! Do you?Girl Group
2023-03-15TRENDZComebackBlue Set Chapter. New Dayz2nd Single AlbumBoy Group
2023-03-17Jimin (BTS)Pre-releaseSet Me Free Pt.2Boy Solo
2023-03-20NMIXXComebackexpérgo1st Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-03-21Bobby (iKON)ComebackBoy Solo
2023-03-22VERIVERYJapaneseTap Tap (Japanese ver.)2nd Japanese SingleBoy Group
2023-03-22PURPLE KISSJapanese DebutDear VioletGirl Group
2023-03-22ATEEZJapaneseLimitless2nd Japanese SingleBoy Group
2023-03-23KingdomComebackHistory of Kingdom Part VI: Mujin6th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-03-23CraxyComebackNugudomGirl Group
2023-03-24Jimin (BTS)Solo DebutFaceLike CrazyBoy Solo
2023-03-28BamBam (GOT7)Solo ComebackSour & Sweet1st Full AlbumBoy Solo
2023-03-28BilllieComebackthe Billage of perception: chapter threeEunoia4th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-03-29Ahri (Rocking Doll)Solo DebutEyes on Me1st Digital SingleGirl Solo
2023-03-30xikersDebutHOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing1st Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-03-31Jisoo (BLACKPINK)Solo DebutMeFlower1st Single AlbumGirl Solo
2023-03-23ICHILLIN'ComebackChallengerAlarm4th Digital SingleGirl Group
2023-03-29CSRComebackDelight2nd Mini AlbumGirl Group

February 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-02-01TVXQ!JapanesePARALLEL PARALLELJapanese SingleBoy Group
2023-02-08NCT DreamJapanese DebutBest Friend EverJapanese Debut SingleBoy Group
2023-02-10Rockhyeon (FAVE1)Solo ComebackOver1st Single AlbumBoy Solo
2023-02-13tripleSDebutAssembleGirl Group
2023-02-13Key (SHINee)ComebackKillerKiller2nd Full Album RepackageBoy Solo
2023-02-14LIMELIGHTDebutLOVE & HAPPINESSHONESTLY1st MIni AlbumGirl Group
2023-02-14TRI.BEComebackW.A.YWe Are Young2nd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-02-14STAYCComebackTeddy BearTeddy Bear4th Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-02-14Hyojin (ONF)SpecialLove ThingsSpecial SingleBoy Solo
2023-02-15OnlyOneOfJapanesechrOme artsBoy Group
2023-02-15Purple KissComebackCabin Fever5th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-02-16TNXComebackLove Never DiesI Need U / Love or Die2nd Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-02-16Brave GirlsSpecialGoodbyeGirl Group
2023-02-19n.SSignPre-DebutSaltyPre-Debut Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-02-20THE BOYZComebackBE AWAKE8th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-02-22CLASS:yJapaneseTARGET2nd Japanese SingleGirl Group
2023-02-22Stray KidsJapaneseTHE SOUND1st Japanese Full AlbumBoy Group
2023-02-22Shin JiminComebackBOXES1st Mini AlbumGirl Solo
2023-02-23HAWWDebutHow R U1st Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-02-27Hwang MinhyunSolo DebutTruth or Lie1st Mini AlbumBoy Solo

January 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-01-02NewjeansComebackOMGOMG1st Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-01-03VIXXComebackGonna Be AlrightGonna Be AlrightDigital SingleGirl Group
2023-01-04ASTRO Moonbin & SanhaComebackincenseMadness3rd Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-01-05H1-KEYComebackRose BlossomRose Blossom1st Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-01-05ILY:1ComebackA Dream Of ILY:1Twinkle, Twinkle1st Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-01-09MONSTA XComebackReasonBoy Group
2023-01-09SF9ComebackTHE PIECE OF912th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-01-13PRIMROSEDebutRed MoonGirl Group
2023-01-13TaeyangComebackVibe ft. Jimin of BTSBoy Solo
2023-01-16Got The BeatComebackStamp On It1st Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-01-16YENAComebackLove War1st Single AlbumGirl Solo
2023-01-17cignatureComebackMy Little Aurora3rd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-01-25LE SSERAFIMJapanese DebutFEARLESS1st Japanese SingleGirl Group
2023-01-27TXTComebackThe Name Chapter: TEMPTATION5th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-01-30NCT 127ComebackAy-Yo4th Full Album RepackageBoy Group
2023-01-31VIVIZComebackVarioUSPull Up3rd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-01-25YesungComebackSensory Flows1st Full AlbumBoy Solo