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Jiho B1A4 Sweet Girl

In this table you can see all K-Pop music videos in the database. You can sort them by date, alphabetically, by Director etc.

You can watch the music video by clicking the link in the Video column.

Check only the Girlgroup MVs here, and check only the Boyband MVs here.

In Release column you can filter out the Major, MinorOST, CF, Japanese and Special releases.

  • Major is generally for releases that were performed in the weekly music shows as part of a comeback/debut.
  • Minor is for pre-release tracks followed by the major (title-track) release or for releases that weren’t promoted in music shows.
  • OST is for songs used in K-Dramas.
  • CF are releases that tie-in tracks for commercials.
  • Japanese are releases by K-Pop groups in Japan.
  • Special are tracks like Christmas collaborations.

Clicking on Post wherever is available will move you to a dedicated page with screencaps and who’s who for that MV.

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All K-Pop MVs