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Yubin (Oh My Girl)

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Bae Yu-bin


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Date of Birth:

September 9, 1997

Oh My Girl Yubin Profile

Yubin (유빈) is a member of Oh My Girl. She debuted with the stage name Binnie (비니) and changed it back to her real name on January 19, 2022. She was born in Chuncheon. While on school she was cast as a child actress, and after her work with Oh My Girl she continued being an actress since 2017.

Yubin’s father was a boxing athlete, her mother did gymnastic and her brother is a Judo player.

Yubin is very fast and she places in the medals in the running competitions of Idol Olympics.

She is also a member of Oh My Girl Banhana sub-unit with Hyojung and Arin.

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