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Jieun (SECRET)

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Song Jieun


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May 5, 1990

Jieun was born in Seoul. Before joining TS Ent she was a JYP Entertainment trainee and she participated in singing some OSTs, like Learning to Fly and Bichunmooga.
At JYPE, Jieun was a team with Sistar’s Hyorin, EXID’s Hani and BESTie’s Uji but the group never materialized.

After SECRET’s Shy Boy promotions she made her solo debut with Going Crazy, featuring Bang Yongguk (who later became the leader of BAP), starring actress Min Hyorin and Kim Himchan.
Going Crazy is the 6th uploaded video in 1thek channel, then known as LOEN MUSIC.

In later years she released one single album (Hope Torture), and 2 EPs (25 and Bobby Doll).
Jieun also has some acting roles, including lead female role in the Sweet Home, Sweet Honey drama.

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