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Recent Girl Groups

Here you can view all of the Female K-Pop Groups / Girl Groups available in, sorted by name.

You can also check the database page with the K-Pop Girl Groups here.

Name: (G)I-DLE
Korean Name: (여자)아이들
Debut: 20180502
3YE OOM Concept
Name: 3YE
Korean Name: 써드아이
Debut: 20190521
9MUSES Group Profile
Name: 9MUSES
Korean Name: 나인뮤지스
Debut: 20120812
ANS Profile
Name: ANS
Korean Name: 에이엔에스
AOA New Moon Profile
Name: AoA
Korean Name: 에이오에이
Debut: 20120730
A Pink
Name: Apink
Korean Name: 에이핑크
Debut: 20110419
April Kpop
Korean Name: 에이프릴
Debut: 20150823
Korean Name: 아리아즈
Debut: 20191024
Blackpink Kill This Love Concept HD
Name: Blackpink
Korean Name: 블랙핑크
Debut: 20160808
Bolbbalgan4 Profile
Name: Bolbbalgan4
Korean Name: 볼빨간 사춘기
Debut: 20160422
Name: Bonus Baby
Korean Name: 보너스베이비
Debut: 20170101
Brave Girls Profile
Name: Brave Girls
Korean Name: 브레이브걸스
Debut: 20110408
BVNDIT Members
Korean Name: 밴디트
Debut: 20190410
Cherry Bullet Profile
Name: Cherry Bullet
Korean Name: 체리블렛
Debut: 20190121
Cignature Nun Nu Nan Na Concept
Name: Cignature
Korean Name: 시그니처
Debut: 20200204
CLC Profile
Name: CLC
Korean Name: 씨엘씨
Debut: 20150319
Dal Shabet Profile
Name: Dal Shabet
Korean Name: 달샤벳
Debut: 20110103
Davichi Group Profile
Name: Davichi
Korean Name: 다비치
Name: DIA
Korean Name: 다이아
Debut: 20150914
Dreamcatcher Escape The Era
Name: Dreamcatcher
Korean Name: 드림캐쳐
Debut: 20170113
ELRIS Summer Dream
Korean Name: 엘리스
Debut: 20170701
Name: Episode
Korean Name: 에피소드
Debut: 20200204
EVERGLOW Reminiscence Concept
Name: Everglow
Korean Name: 에버글로우
Debut: 20190318
EXID Members
Name: EXID
Korean Name: 이엑스아이디
Debut: 20120216
Korean Name: 파나틱스
Debut: 20190806
fromis_9 From 9
Name: fromis_9
Korean Name: 프로미스나인
Debut: 20180124
GFRIEND Labyrinth
Korean Name: 여자친구
Debut: 20150115
Girl's Day Everyday 5
Name: Girl's Day
Korean Name: 걸스데이
Debut: 20100707
Girlkind Fanxi Profile
Name: Girlkind
Korean Name: 걸카인드
Debut: 20180117
GOODDAY Group Profile
Korean Name: 굿데이
Debut: 20170830
Gugudan Profile
Name: Gugudan
Korean Name: 구구단
Debut: 20160628
GWSN Profile
Name: GWSN
Korean Name: 공원소녀
Debut: 20180905
Hash Tag Profile 해시태그
Name: HashTag
Korean Name: 해시태그
Debut: 20171011
Hello Venus
Name: Hello Venus
Korean Name: 헬로비너스
Debut: 20120509
Hinapia Concept Group
Name: Hinapia
Korean Name: 희나피아
Debut: 20191103
Honey Popcorn Profile
Name: Honey Popcorn
Korean Name: 허니팝콘
Debut: 20180321
IOI Miss Me
Name: I.O.I
Korean Name: 아이오아이
Debut: 20160504
ITZY it'z Icy Teaser
Name: ITZY
Korean Name: 있지
Debut: 20190210
IZ*ONE Bloom*IZ I Will Group
Name: IZ*ONE
Korean Name: 아이즈원
Debut: 20181029
Kard Rumor Profile
Name: KARD
Korean Name: 카드
Debut: 20161213
LABOUM Profile
Korean Name: 라붐
Debut: 20140827
Loona members profile
Name: Loona
Korean Name: 이달의 소녀
Debut: 20161004
Loona 1/3
Name: Loona 1/3
Korean Name: 이달의 소녀 1/3
Debut: 20170312
Loona Odd Eye Circle
Name: Loona Odd Eye Circle
Korean Name: 이달의 소녀 오드아이써클
Debut: 20170920
Loona YYXY Profile
Name: Loona yyxy
Korean Name: 이달의 소녀 yyxy
Debut: 20180530
Lovelyz That Day Profile
Name: Lovelyz
Korean Name: 러블리즈
Debut: 20141117
Lusty Members Profile
Name: Lusty
Korean Name: 러스티
Debut: 20190626
Mamamoo Members
Name: Mamamoo
Korean Name: 마마무
Debut: 20140719
Melody Day Kiss On The Lips
Name: MelodyDay
Korean Name: 멜로디데이
Debut: 20140225
Momoland Profile
Korean Name: 모모랜드
Debut: 20161110
Nature I'm So Pretty
Name: Nature
Korean Name: 네이처
Debut: 20180803
NeonPunch Profile 네온펀치
Name: NeonPunch
Korean Name: 네온펀치
Oh My Girl Members
Name: Oh My Girl
Korean Name: 오마이걸
Debut: 20150421
Pristin 프리스틴
Name: Pristin
Korean Name: 프리스틴
Debut: 20170321
Pristin V Profile
Name: Pristin V
Korean Name: 프리스틴 V
Debut: 20180528
Purplebeck Crystal Ball
Name: Purplebeck
Korean Name: 퍼플백
Debut: 20190624
Red Velvet Perfect Velvet
Name: Red Velvet
Korean Name: 레드벨벳
Debut: 20140801