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March 27, 2024

UNIS Members Profile

UNIS (아일릿) is an 8 member project girl group under F&F Entertainment.

The UNIS members are Hyeonju, Nana, Gehlee, Kotoko, Yunha, Elisia, Yoona and Seowon.

UNIS were formed through the SBS reality show Universe Ticket, they made their debut on March 27, 2024 with the mini album We UNIS.

Hyeonju is also a member of cignature under the stage name Belle.


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Former
Belle Jin Hyeonjoo 진현주 2001-11-03 South Korea Goyang Good Day
Nana Ezumi Nana 에즈미 나나 나나 2007-06-06 Japan Tokyo
Gehlee Gehlee Dangca 젤리 당카 젤리 2007-08-19 Philippines Las Pinas
Kotoko Fujiyosi Kotoko 후지요시 코토코 코토코 2007-10-28 Japan
Yunha Bang Yunha 방윤하 윤하 2009-02-28 South Korea
Elisia Elisia Lyrisse Parmisano 엘리시아 리리스 파르미사노 엘리시아 2009-04-18 Philippines
Yoona Oh Yoona 오윤아 윤아 2009-10-07 South Korea
Seowon Lim Seowon 임서원 서원 2011-01-27 South Korea

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