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NiziU (虹U, ニジュー and 니쥬 in Korean) is an upcoming 9-member girl group from JYP Entertainment.

Consisted of Japanese members and formed through the survival shows Nizi Project and Nizi Project Season 2 (shot in South Korea), they are similar to JYP Entertainment’s Boy Story group.

The NiziU members are Yamaguchi Mako (山口真子), Hanabashi Rio (花橋梨緒), Katsumura Maya (勝村摩耶), Oe Riku (大江梨久), Arai Ayaka (新井彩香), Ogou Mayuka (おごうまゆか), Yokoi Rima (横井りま), Suzuno Miihi (鈴野みいひ) and Nina Makino-Hillman (牧野ニーナ=ヒルマン).

NiziU released a Pre-Debut Digital Mini Album  titled『Make you happy』on June 30, 2020. They also released a MV with the song of the same name (Make You Happy – check the link to see who’s who in the MV).

The NiziU fandom name is WithU.

NiziU Youtube Channel: NiziU Official

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NiziU Facebook Page: @niziproject

NiziU Twitter Page: @nizi_official

NiziU Instagram Profile: @niziu_artist_official

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NiziU Reddit: r/niziproject/, r/niziu/


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