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tripleS (트리플에스) is an upcoming 24 member girl group from MODHAUS. The confirmed members are Kim Yooyeon, Kim Nakyoung, Yoon Seoyeon, Kim Chaeyeon, Gong Yubin, Lee Jiwoo, Kaede, Jeong Hyerin and Kim Soomin.

The CEO of MODHAUS is Jaden Jeong who has worked with Loona and OnlyOneOf. The members will rotate between the group, sub-unit, and solo activities as chosen by fans.

The first tripleS sub-unit was Acid Angel from Asia (아시아에서 온 애시드 엔젤 – tripleS AAA) consisting of members Kim Yooyeon, Kim Nakyoung, Gong Yubin and Jeong Hyerin.

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ProfileStage NameFull NameKorean NameKor. StageDate of BirthCountrySecond CountryBirthplaceFormer
ChaeyeonKim Chaeyeon김채연채연2004-12-04South KoreaBusters
YooyeonKim Yooyeon김유연유연2001-02-09South KoreaSeoul
SeoyeonYoon Seoyeon윤서연서연2003-08-06South Korea
JiwooLee Jiwoo이지우지우2005-10-24South Korea
HyerinJeong Hyerin정혜린혜린2007-04-12South Korea

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