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July 1, 2010

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miss A (미쓰에이) was a 4-member girl group formed by JYP Entertainment.

The miss A members were Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy.

miss A’s debut day is July 1, 2010, they released their 1st MV, Bad Girl, Good Girl a day earlier.

Their last MV was for the song Only You on March 29, 2015. The group officialy disbanded in December 2017.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Former
Fei Wang FeiFei 왕페이페이 페이 1987-04-27 China Haikou
Jia Meng Jia 멍지아 지아 1989-02-03 China Changja
Min Lee Minyoung 이민영 1991-06-21 South Korea Seoul
Suzy Bae Suji 배수지 수지 1994-10-10 South Korea Gwangju

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