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October 11, 2017

Hash Tag (해시태그) are a 7 member girl group formed in 2017 under LUK_Factory.

They were formed by ex Baby V.O.X member Kan Miyoun and released their debut single titled Hue on October 11th 2017. The Hashtag members are Hyunji, SuA, Daejeong, Seungmin, Subin, Sojin and Aeji.

Hashtag Youtube Channel: HashTag_official 해시태그

Hashtag V app Channel:

Hashtag Facebook Page: Hashtag.Luk

Hashtag Twitter Page: HashTag_offcial

Hashtag Instagram Profile: hashtag_official__

Hashtag Official Website: LUK_Factory

Hashtag Discord (unofficial): HASHTAG

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Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Hyunji Kim Hyunji 김현지 현지 1992-06-30 South Korea
Sua Yang Sua 양수아 수아 1995-03-24 South Korea Gwangju
Dajeong Kim Dajeong 김다정 다정 1995-08-08 South Korea Gwangju
Seungmin Lee Seungmin 이승민 승민 1996-02-03 South Korea
Subin Oh Subin 오수빈 수빈 1998-09-30 South Korea
Sojin Hong Sojin 홍소진 소진 1999-09-24 South Korea
Aeji Kwon Aeji 권애지 애지 1999-10-25 South Korea Daegu

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