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Kep1er Members Profile

Kep1er (케플러) is a 9 member girl group, made from the winners of mnet’s Girls Planet 999 survival show. The name is a homage to Johannes Kepler, probably best known for Kepler’s laws of planetary motion which was the theme of the survival show.

The Kep1er members are Kim Chaehyun, Huening BahiyyihChoi Yujin, Kim Dayeon, Seo Youngeun, Kang Yeseo, Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Mashiro and Shen Xiao Ting.

1st: Kim Chaehyun

2nd: Huening Bahiyyih

3rd: Choi Yujin

4th: Kim Dayeon

5th: Seo Youngeun

6th: Kang Yeseo

7th: Ezaki Hikaru

8th: Sakamoto Mashiro

9th: Shen Xiao Ting


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Former
Profile Yujin Choi Yujin 최유진 유진 1996-08-12 South Korea Jeonju CLC
Yeseo Kang Yeseo 강예서 예서 2005-08-22 South Korea Busters
Mashiro Sakamoto Mashiro 사카모토 마시로 마시로 1999-12-16 Japan
Hikaru Ezaki Hikaru 에자키 히카루 히카루 2004-03-12 Japan
Youngeun Seo Youngeun 서영은 영은 2004-12-27 South Korea
Dayeon Kim Dayeon 김다연 다연 2003-03-02 South Korea
Chaehyun Kim Chaehyun 김채현 채현 2002-04-26 South Korea
Bahiyyih Huening Bahiyyih 휴닝바히에 바히에 2004-07-27 USA South Korea
Profile XiaoTing Shen Xiao Ting 션샤오팅 샤오팅 1999-11-12 China

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