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June 24, 2019

Purplebeck (퍼플백) is a 5-member Girl Group. The Purplebeck members are Layeon, Mini, Yeowool, Yerim and Seyeon. Their company is Majesty Entertainment.

Purplebeck debuted on June 24, 2019 with the song Crystal Ball.

Yeowool (여울) was born on 11/4/1998

Mini (민이) was born on 12/6/2000

Layeon (라연) was born on 13/8/1998

Yerim (예림) was born on 10/3/1997

Seyeon (세연) was born on 6/7/2001

Purplebeck’s manager frequently interacts with followers on Twitter in English. Purplebeck’s fanclub name is BECKIES.

Youtube Channel: Majesty Entertainment

V app Channel:

Facebook Page: @purplebeck

Twitter Page: @PURPLEBECK1

Instagram Profile: @purplebeck_official

Official Website: http://www.majestyena.com/intro/artist.php#none

Discord (unofficial)https://discordapp.com/bkPmWwz



Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Former
Yerim Jeong Yerim 정예림 예림 1997-03-10 South Korea
Yeowool Ha Yeowool 하여울 여울 1998-04-11 South Korea
Layeon Lee Jimin 이지민 라연 1998-08-13 South Korea
Mini 민이 2000-06-12 South Korea
Seyeon Park Seyeon 박세연 세연 2001-05-06 South Korea

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