In this page you can see all K-Pop Girlgroups in the database.

You can sort them by whatever category you want.

The columns visible will depend oyour screen resolution, you can click on Columns and select which details you want to see.

The columns are: Name, Short Name (like SNSD, WJSN), Korean Name, Debut Date, Members, Original Members, Fanclub name, Active


  • IsM

    Thanks Mutia! I’ll update the database soon!

  • There are sooo many groups missing from these charts… for example, you only have 6 groups listed for 2016 when it should be +30 more at least. Also, Loona has not officially debuted yet (they will in 2018), everything they have done so far is pre-debut.

    • IsM

      You are right, so I added a few more 🙂