In this page you can see all K-Pop Boybands in the database.

You can sort them by whatever category you want.

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The columns are: Name, Short Name , Korean Name, Debut Date, Members, Original Members, Fanclub name and if they are Active or not


  • xsterois

    the debut date for shinhwa should be 1998 ^^

  • Mutia

    there are the updates;
    1. winner’s fanclub name is inner circle
    2. ptg’s fanclub name is universe
    3. teen top’s members now are 5
    4. beast change their name to HIGHLIGHT. and their company is Around Us
    5. iKON’s fanclub name is iKONIC
    6. SECHKIES’s fanclub name changes to Yellowkies
    7. Astro’s fanclub name is Aroha
    8. VICTON’s fanclub name is Alice
    9. UP10TION’s fanclub name is HONEY10
    10. UNIQ’s fanclub name is Unicorn
    11. Toppdogg’s fanclub name is ToppKlass
    12. Snuper’s fanclub name is Swing
    13. KNK’s fanclub name is Tinker Bell

  • Ajeng Pertiwi

    – Day6 fandom name is My Day
    – NCT fandom name is NCTzen