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May 24, 2012

VIXX is a six-member K-Pop boyband formed by Jellyfish Entertainment.

The six members (N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hyuk and Hongbin) were featured as contestants in mnet’s MyDOL survival show.

They debuted on May 24, 2012 with the song Super Hero.

Youtube Channel: RealVIXX

V app Channel: VIXX

Facebook Page: RealVIXX

Twitter Page: @RealVIXX

Instagram Profile: @vixx_stargramm

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Reddit: r/vixx


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Profile N Cha Hakyeon 차학연 1990-06-30 South Korea Changwon
Profile Leo Jung Taekwon 정택운 레오 1990-11-10 South Korea Seoul
Profile Ken Lee Jaehwan 이재환 1992-04-06 South Korea Seoul
Profile Ravi Kim Wonsik 김원식 라비 1993-02-15 South Korea Seoul
Profile Hongbin Lee Hongbin 이홍빈 홍빈 1993-09-29 South Korea Seoul
Profile Hyuk Han Sanghyuk 한상혁 1995-07-05 South Korea Daejeon

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