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Date: August 14, 2016
Korean title: 빅스 + 판타지

VIXX is back with upgraded ‘horror sexy’. The second part of the ‘VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’, [Hades]. VIXX showed unique and vivid style through the 5th single album [Zelos] last April and they are back with the second part of ‘VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’, [Hades], ‘VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’ is a trilogy project that VIXX will be running throughout this year; this project is under the name of ‘Ker’ which in Greek, means ‘fate’ and ‘ruin’. There will be some epic story based on these keywords. Last [Zelos] album took ‘God of rivalry, competition and jealousy’ in Greek myth as a motif, and talked about a man who failed to win a love-competition and his emotions through vivid colors. This [Hades] album’s motif is ‘God of the underworld’ and is talking about the man going to the underworld to make love potion so that he could make ‘the girl’ fall for him. VIXX will upgrade their matchless identity, ‘concept-dol’, through this dark-concept album. ‘Thorn bush’ is the key item for [Hades] album. This represents the rule that in the underworld, you must bleed in order to make love potion; which explains that anyone who goes through this process gets the ‘evil eye’ on back of one’s hand. Thorn bush appears in the music video, photos etc. as the symbol for this album, [Hades]. The title track ‘Fantasy’ is produced by the producing team, Devine-Channel with Kei Lim and Ryan Kim at the head of the team. They recently worked with BTS, EXO, Taeyeon, Tiffany etc., getting many attention from K-pop fans. ‘Fantasy’ starts with Beethoven ‘Moonlight Sonata’, making the mood of the song very dark and conceptual. It expresses six men’s desperation in a sad but dark way, by the lyrics and the high note in the hook. Urban and polished side of VIXX can be expected from this album. Choreographer Keone & Mariel Madrid worked with VIXX for the first time for this album. The choreography shows VIXX’s dark and powerful style as well as new and unique moves that VIXX haven’t done before. This change will be a turning point in VIXX’s career. Music video is about a man going to the underworld to make love potion; the main storyline of ‘Ker’ project could be seen in the music video. As this album holds the key for this project, many elements were used to give hints. The second part of ‘Ker’ project, [Hades]. Six men expressing lunatic desperation in horror mood is something that only VIXX can do. This album not only upgrades VIXX’s matchless identity but also raises expectations on the next album.

Screencaps of VIXX members from the Fantasy MV (VIXX Fantasy who’s who):

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