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Limitless (리미트리스), also known as LMTLS is a 4-member boyband from ONO Entertainment.

The Limitless members are Moonvok, Raychan, A.M and Heeseok.

Limitless Biodata:

Moonvok: Jang Moonbok (Jmvok), Rapper, born in April 11, 1995, 168cm, 48kg, Blood type B, Instagram: @check_h.p

Raychan: Lee Hwichan, Vocalist, born in April 18, 1996, Instagram:@ihwican6

A.M: Seong Hyunwoo, Rapper, born in December 31, 1996, 181cm, 62kg, Blood type A, Instagram: @a_stru_m

Heeseok: Yun Heeseok, Vocalist, born in June 10, 1997, 180cm, 61kg, Blood type A, Instagram: @dilution_y

LMTLS Youtube Channel: 리미트리스 LIMITLESS

LMTLS V Live Channel: Ono Entertainment

LMTLS Facebook Page:

LMTLS Twitter Page: @official_LMTLS

LMTLS Instagram Profile: @official_lmtls

LMTLS Official Website:

LMTLS Discord (unofficial):

LMTLS Reddit:


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Former
Moonvok Jang Moonvok 장문복 문복 1995-04-11 South Korea
Hwichan Lee Heechan 이휘찬 휘찬 1996-04-18 South Korea
A.M Seong Hyunwoo 성현우 에이엠 1996-12-31 South Korea
Heeseok Yun Heeseok 윤희석 희석 1997-06-10 South Korea

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