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Welcome to dbkpop.com – K-Pop Database!

The site hosts a database of K-Pop idols, you can see some tables generated from the database by clicking them on the header menu.

You can also see MVs with who-is-whos, Idol profiles and Group profiles!

Recent Updates

181208 Added profile pages for BLACKPINK and ELRIS members.

181207 Added a database page for K-Pop Enlistment and Discharge Dates

181127 Added a database page for Upcoming K-Pop Birthdays and Upcoming K-Pop Group Anniversaries.

181028 Added a database page for K-Pop Idols Born in 2003.

180825 Added new profile photos for BTS members.

180713 Added a Database table page for K-Pop Idol Instagrams.

180623 Added a Database table page for Produce 48 Contestants.

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