Song Jieun SECRET

Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 1990 (Kpop ’87 liners).

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Girl pictured above is Jieun from SECRET.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name K. Stage Name Date of Birth Group Country Gender
Sooyoung Choi Sooyoung 수영  10/02/1990 SNSD South Korea F
Yoona Im Yoona 윤아 30/05/1990 SNSD South Korea F
Bora Yoon Bora 보라 30/01/1990 SISTAR South Korea F
Jihyun Nam Jihyun 지현 09/01/1990 4minute South Korea F
Gayoon Heo Gayoon 가윤 18/05/1990 4minute South Korea F
Jiyoon Jeon Jiyoon 지윤 15/10/1990 4minute South Korea F
Profile Choa Park Choa 초아 06/03/1990 South Korea F
Hyeyeon Kang Hyeyeon 혜연 08/12/1990 BESTie South Korea F
Kyungri Park Kyungri 경리 05/07/1990 9Muses South Korea F
Hyemi Kim Hyemi 혜미 10/08/1990 Fiestar South Korea F
Profile Yeoeun Jung Jieun 여은 25/01/1990 MELODYDAY South Korea F
Profile Minyoung Kim Minyeong 민영 12/09/1990 Brave Girls South Korea F
Ellin Kim Minyoung 엘린 02/04/1990 Crayon Pop South Korea F
Choa Heo Minjin 초아 12/06/1990 Crayon Pop South Korea F
Way Heo Minsun 웨이 13/06/1990 Crayon Pop South Korea F
Seungri Lee Seunghyun 승리 12/12/1990 BIGBANG South Korea M
Jonghyun Kim Jonghyun 종현 08/04/1990 SHINee South Korea M
Xiumin Kim Minseok 시우민 26/03/1990 EXO South Korea M
Luhan Lu Han 루한 20/04/1990 China M
Kris Wu Yifan 크리스 06/11/1990 Canada M
Profile Yongguk Bang Yongguk 용국 31/03/1990 B.A.P South Korea M
Profile Himchan Kim Himchan 힘찬 19/04/1990 B.A.P South Korea M
Profile Taeil Lee Taeil 태일 24/09/1990 Block B South Korea M
Profile B-Bomb Lee Minhyuk 비범 14/12/1990 Block B South Korea M
Profile Jaehyo Ahn Jaehyo 재효 23/12/1990 Block B South Korea M
Yoseob Yang Yoseob 요섭 05/01/1990 Beast South Korea M
Gikwang Lee Gikwang 기광 30/03/1990 Beast South Korea M
Dongwoo Jang Dongwoo 동우 22/11/1990 Infinite South Korea M
Profile N Cha Hakyeon 30/06/1990 VIXX South Korea M
Profile Leo Jung Taekwon 레오 10/11/1990 VIXX South Korea M
Junho Lee Junho 준호 25/01/1990 2PM South Korea M
Chansung Hwang Chansung 찬성 11/02/1990 2PM South Korea M
Eunkwang Seo Eunkwang 은광 22/11/1990 BtoB South Korea M
Minhyuk Lee Minhyuk 민혁 29/11/1990 BtoB South Korea M
Seyoung Lee Seyoung 세영 08/02/1990 CROSS GENE South Korea M
Profile Hana Jung Hana 하나 02/02/1990 SECRET South Korea F
Profile Jieun Song Jieun 지은 05/05/1990 SECRET South Korea F
Profile Sunhwa Han Sunhwa 선화 06/10/1990 South Korea F
Profile Alice Song Joohee 앨리스 21/03/1990 Hello Venus South Korea F
Thunder Park Sanghyun 천둥 07/10/1990 South Korea M
Minwoo Ha Minwoo 민우 06/09/1990 ZE:A South Korea M
Jonghyun Lee Jonghyun 종현 15/05/1990 CNBLUE South Korea M
Jonghoon Choi Jonghoon 종훈 07/03/1990 FTISLAND South Korea M
Honggi Lee Honggi 홍기 02/03/1990 FTISLAND South Korea M
Profile Serri Park Miyeon 세리 16/09/1990 Dal Shabet South Korea F
Minkyung Kang Minkyung 민경 03/08/1990 Davichi South Korea F
Yoonhye Jung Yoonhye 윤혜 14/04/1990 Rainbow South Korea F
Jisook Kim Jisook 지숙 18/07/1990 Rainbow South Korea F
J-Hoon Lim Junghoon 제이훈 15/07/1990 B.I.G South Korea M
Eun Choi Eunmi 14/05/1990 Two X South Korea F
Jinju Park Jinju 진주 28/04/1990 South Korea F
Dain Song Jieun 다인 25/06/1990 South Korea F
Cory Hong Joohyung 코리 25/11/1990 24K South Korea M
Kisu Choi Kisu 기수 02/10/1990 24K South Korea M