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1the9 Sungwon
Stage Name: Sungwon
Full Name: Park Sungwon
Korean Stage Name: 성원
Korean Full Name: 박성원
Date of Birth: 20031218
1the9 Taekhyeon
Stage Name: Taekhyeon
Full Name: Jung Taekhyeon
Korean Stage Name: 택현
Korean Full Name: 정택현
Date of Birth: 20030728
1the9 Jinsung
Stage Name: Jinsung
Full Name: Jung Jinsung
Korean Stage Name: 진성
Korean Full Name: 정진성
Date of Birth: 20020330
1the9 Doyum
Stage Name: Doyum
Full Name: Jeon Doyum
Korean Stage Name: 도염
Korean Full Name: 전도염
Date of Birth: 20020221
1the9 Junseo
Stage Name: Junseo
Full Name: Kim Junseo
Korean Stage Name: 준서
Korean Full Name: 김준서
Date of Birth: 20011120
1the9 Yechan
Stage Name: Yechan
Full Name: Shin Yechan
Korean Stage Name: 예찬
Korean Full Name: 신예찬
Date of Birth: 20010514
1the9 Seunghwan
Stage Name: Seunghwan
Full Name: Lee Seunghwan
Korean Stage Name: 승환
Korean Full Name: 이승환
Date of Birth: 20000520
1the9 Taewoo
Stage Name: Taewoo
Full Name: Kim Taewoo
Korean Stage Name: 태우
Korean Full Name: 김태우
Date of Birth: 19990423
1the9 Yongha
Stage Name: Yongha
Full Name: Yoo Yongha
Korean Stage Name: 용하
Korean Full Name: 유용하
Date of Birth: 19990111
TXT Beomgyu
Stage Name: Beomgyu
Full Name: Choi Beomgyu
Korean Stage Name: 범규
Korean Full Name: 최범규
Date of Birth: 20010313
TXT Taehyun
Stage Name: Taehyun
Full Name: Kang Taehyun
Korean Stage Name: 태현
Korean Full Name: 강태현
Date of Birth: 20020205
TXT Hueningkai
Stage Name: Hueningkai
Full Name: Huening Kai
Korean Stage Name: 휴닝카이
Korean Full Name: 휴닝 카이
Date of Birth:
TXT Soobin
Stage Name: Soobin
Full Name: Choi Soobin
Korean Stage Name: 수빈
Korean Full Name: 최수빈
Date of Birth: 20001205
TXT Yeonjun
Stage Name: Yeonjun
Full Name: Choi Yeonjun
Korean Stage Name: 연준
Korean Full Name: 최연준
Date of Birth: 19990913
Lee Know Stray Kids
Stage Name: Lee Know
Full Name: Lee Minho
Korean Stage Name: 리노
Korean Full Name: 이민호
Date of Birth: 19981025
Woojin Stray Kids
Stage Name: Woojin
Full Name: Kim Woojin
Korean Stage Name: 우진
Korean Full Name: 김우진
Date of Birth: 19970408
Bang Chan Stray Kids
Stage Name: Bang Chan
Full Name: Bang Chan
Korean Stage Name: 방찬
Korean Full Name: 방찬
Date of Birth: 19971003
The Boyz Eric
Stage Name: Eric
Full Name: Son Youngjae
Korean Stage Name: 에릭
Korean Full Name: 손영재
Date of Birth: 20001222
The Boyz Sunwoo
Stage Name: Sunwoo
Full Name: Kim Sunwoo
Korean Stage Name: 선우
Korean Full Name: 김선우
Date of Birth: 20000412
The Boyz Hwall
Stage Name: Hwall
Full Name: Heo Hyunjoon
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 허현준
Date of Birth: 20000309
The Boyz Juhaknyeon
Stage Name: Juhaknyeon
Full Name: Ju Haknyeon
Korean Stage Name: 주학년
Korean Full Name: 주학년
Date of Birth: 19990309
The Boyz Q
Stage Name: Q
Full Name: Ji Changmin
Korean Stage Name: 지창민
Korean Full Name:
Date of Birth: 19981105
The Boyz New
Stage Name: New
Full Name: Choi Chanhee
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 최찬희
Date of Birth: 19980426
The Boyz Kevin
Stage Name: Kevin
Full Name: Moon Hyungseo
Korean Stage Name: 케빈
Korean Full Name: 문형서
Date of Birth: 19980223
The Boyz Juyeon
Stage Name: Juyeon
Full Name: Lee Juyeon
Korean Stage Name: 주연
Korean Full Name: 이주연
Date of Birth: 19980116
The Boyz Hyunjae
Stage Name: Hyunjae
Full Name: Lee Jaehyun
Korean Stage Name: 현재
Korean Full Name: 이재현
Date of Birth: 19970913
The Boyz Younghoon
Stage Name: Younghoon
Full Name: Kim Younghoon
Korean Stage Name: 김영훈
Korean Full Name: 김영훈
Date of Birth: 19970808
The Boyz Jacob
Stage Name: Jacob
Full Name: Bae Joonyoung
Korean Stage Name: 제이콥
Korean Full Name: 배준영
Date of Birth: 19970530
The Boyz Sangyeon
Stage Name: Sangyeon
Full Name: Lee Sangyeon
Korean Stage Name: 상연
Korean Full Name: 이상연
Date of Birth: 19961104
JBJ Takada Kenta
Stage Name: Kenta
Full Name: Takada Kenta
Korean Stage Name: 켄타
Korean Full Name: 타카다 켄타
Date of Birth: 19950110
JBJ Noh Taehyun Profile
Stage Name: Taehyun
Full Name: Noh Taehyun
Korean Stage Name: 태현
Korean Full Name: 노태현
Date of Birth: 19931015
JBJ Kim Sangkyun
Stage Name: A-Tom
Full Name: Kim Sangkyun
Korean Stage Name: 아톰
Korean Full Name: 김상균
Date of Birth: 19950523
TRCNG Kangmin Profile
Stage Name: Kangmin
Full Name: Kim Kangmin
Korean Stage Name: 강민
Korean Full Name: 김강민
Date of Birth: 20011113
TRCNG Hohyeon Profile
Stage Name: Hohyeon
Full Name: Lee Hohyeon
Korean Stage Name: 호현
Korean Full Name: 이호현
Date of Birth: 20011014
TRCNG Siwoo Profile
Stage Name: Siwoo
Full Name: Yoo Siwoo
Korean Stage Name: 시우
Korean Full Name: 유시우
Date of Birth: 20010511
TRCNG Hyunwoo Profile
Stage Name: Hyunwoo
Full Name: Kim Hyunwoo
Korean Stage Name: 현우
Korean Full Name: 김현우
Date of Birth: 20010121
TRCNG Jisung Profile
Stage Name: Jisung
Full Name: Kim Jisung
Korean Stage Name: 지성
Korean Full Name: 김지성
Date of Birth: 20001221
TRCNG Wooyeop Profile
Stage Name: Wooyeop
Full Name: Jo Wooyeop
Korean Stage Name: 우엽
Korean Full Name: 조우엽
Date of Birth: 20000927
TRCNG Hakmin Profile
Stage Name: Hakmin
Full Name: Lee Hakmin
Korean Stage Name: 학민
Korean Full Name: 이학민
Date of Birth: 20000920
TRCNG Taeseon Profile
Stage Name: Taeseon
Full Name: Yang Taeseon
Korean Stage Name: 태선
Korean Full Name: 양태선
Date of Birth: 20000917
TRCNG Hayoung Profile
Stage Name: Hayoung
Full Name: Choi Hayoung
Korean Stage Name: 하영
Korean Full Name: 최하영
Date of Birth: 20000822
TRCNG Jihun Profile
Stage Name: Jihun
Full Name: Kim Jihun
Korean Stage Name: 지훈
Korean Full Name: 김지훈
Date of Birth: 20000109
Daeyeol Golden Child Profile
Stage Name: Daeyeol
Full Name: Lee Daeyeol
Korean Stage Name: 대열
Korean Full Name: 이대열
Date of Birth: 19931122
BtoB Sungjae This Is Us
Stage Name: Sungjae
Full Name: Yook Sungjae
Korean Stage Name: 성재
Korean Full Name: 육성재
Date of Birth: 19950502
BtoB Ilhoon This Is Us
Stage Name: Ilhoon
Full Name: Jung Ilhoon
Korean Stage Name: 일훈
Korean Full Name: 정일훈
Date of Birth: 19941004
BtoB Peniel This Is Us
Stage Name: Peniel
Full Name: Shin Donggeun
Korean Stage Name: 프니엘
Korean Full Name: 신동근
Date of Birth: 19930310
BtoB Hyunsik This Is Us
Stage Name: Hyunsik
Full Name: Lim Hyunsik
Korean Stage Name: 현식
Korean Full Name: 임현식
Date of Birth: 19920307
BtoB Changsub This Is Us
Stage Name: Changsub
Full Name: Lee Changsub
Korean Stage Name: 창섭
Korean Full Name: 이창섭
Date of Birth: 19910226
BtoB Minhyuk This Is Us
Stage Name: Minhyuk
Full Name: Lee Minhyuk
Korean Stage Name: 민혁
Korean Full Name: 이민혁
Date of Birth: 19901129
BtoB Eunkwang This Is Us
Stage Name: Eunkwang
Full Name: Seo Eunkwang
Korean Stage Name: 은광
Korean Full Name: 서은광
Date of Birth: 19901122
GOT7 Yugyeom profile
Stage Name: Yugyeom
Full Name: Kim Yugyeom
Korean Stage Name: 유겸
Korean Full Name: 김유겸
Date of Birth: 19971117
GOT7 BamBam profile
Stage Name: BamBam
Full Name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Korean Stage Name: 뱀뱀
Korean Full Name: 꾼삐묵 부와꾼
Date of Birth: 19970502
GOT7 Youngjae profile
Stage Name: Youngjae
Full Name: Choi Youngjae
Korean Stage Name: 영재
Korean Full Name: 최영재
Date of Birth: 19960917
GOT7 Jinyoung Profile
Stage Name: Jinyoung
Full Name: Park Jinyoung
Korean Stage Name: 진영
Korean Full Name: 박진영
Date of Birth: 19940922
GOT7 Jackson profile
Stage Name: Jackson
Full Name: Jackson Wang
Korean Stage Name: 잭슨
Korean Full Name: 잭슨 왕
Date of Birth: 19940328
GOT7 JB profile
Stage Name: JB
Full Name: Im Jaebum
Korean Stage Name: 제이비
Korean Full Name: 임재범
Date of Birth: 19940106
GOT7 Mark profile
Stage Name: Mark
Full Name: Mark Yien Tuan
Korean Stage Name: 마크
Korean Full Name: 마크 이엔 투안
Date of Birth: 19930904
Pentagon Wooseok Positive
Stage Name: Wooseok
Full Name: Jeong Wooseok
Korean Stage Name: 우석
Korean Full Name: 정우석
Date of Birth: 19980131
Pentagon Kino Positive
Stage Name: Kino
Full Name: Kang Hyungku
Korean Stage Name: 키노
Korean Full Name: 강형구
Date of Birth: 19980127
Pentagon Yuto Positive
Stage Name: Yuto
Full Name: Adachi Yuto
Korean Stage Name: 유토
Korean Full Name: 아다치 유토
Date of Birth: 19980123
Pentagon Yanan Positive
Stage Name: Yan An
Full Name: Yan An
Korean Stage Name: 옌안
Korean Full Name: 옌안
Date of Birth: 19961025
Pentagon Yeo One Positive
Stage Name: Yeo One
Full Name: Yeon Changgu
Korean Stage Name: 여원
Korean Full Name: 여창구
Date of Birth: 19960327
Pentagon Shinwon Positive
Stage Name: Shinwon
Full Name: Go Shinwon
Korean Stage Name: 신원
Korean Full Name: 고신원
Date of Birth: 19951211
Pentagon Edawn Positive
Stage Name: E'Dawn
Full Name: Kim Hyojong
Korean Stage Name: 이던
Korean Full Name: 김효종
Date of Birth: 19940601
Pentagon Hongseok Positive
Stage Name: Hongseok
Full Name: Yang Hongseok
Korean Stage Name: 양홍석
Korean Full Name: 홍석
Date of Birth: 19940417
Pentagon Hui Positive
Stage Name: Hui
Full Name: Lee Hwitaek
Korean Stage Name: 후이
Korean Full Name: 이회택
Date of Birth: 19930828
Pentagon Jinho Positive
Stage Name: Jinho
Full Name: Jo Jinho
Korean Stage Name: 진호
Korean Full Name: 조진호
Date of Birth: 19920417
BM Kard Profile
Stage Name: BM
Full Name: Matthew Kim
Korean Stage Name: 비엠
Korean Full Name: 매튜김
Date of Birth: 19921020
J.Seph Kard Profile
Stage Name: J.Seph
Full Name: Kim Taehyung
Korean Stage Name: 제이셉
Korean Full Name: 김태형
Date of Birth: 19920621
디노 세븐틴
Stage Name: Dino
Full Name: Lee Chan
Korean Stage Name: 디노
Korean Full Name: 이찬
Date of Birth: 19990211
버논 세븐틴
Stage Name: Vernon
Full Name: Choi Hansol
Korean Stage Name: 버논
Korean Full Name: 최한솔
Date of Birth: 19980218
승관 세븐틴
Stage Name: Seungkwan
Full Name: Boo Seungkwan
Korean Stage Name: 승관
Korean Full Name: 부승관
Date of Birth: 19980116
디에잇 세븐틴
Stage Name: The8
Full Name: Xu Minghao
Korean Stage Name: 디에잇
Korean Full Name: 쉬밍하오
Date of Birth: 19971107
민규	 세븐틴
Stage Name: Mingyu
Full Name: Kim Mingyu
Korean Stage Name: 민규
Korean Full Name: 김민규
Date of Birth: 19970406
도겸 세븐틴
Stage Name: DK
Full Name: Lee Seongmin
Korean Stage Name: 도겸
Korean Full Name: 이석민
Date of Birth: 19970218
우지 세븐틴
Stage Name: Woozi
Full Name: Lee Jihoon
Korean Stage Name: 우지
Korean Full Name: 이지훈
Date of Birth: 19961122
원우 세븐틴
Stage Name: Wonwoo
Full Name: Jeon Wonwoo
Korean Stage Name: 원우
Korean Full Name: 전원우
Date of Birth: 19960717
호시 세븐틴
Stage Name: Hoshi
Full Name: Kwon Soonyoung
Korean Stage Name: 호시
Korean Full Name: 권순영
Date of Birth: 19960615
준 세븐틴
Stage Name: Jun
Full Name: Weng Junhui
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 원쥔훼이
Date of Birth: 19960610
조슈아 세븐틴
Stage Name: Joshua
Full Name: Hong Jisoo
Korean Stage Name: 조슈아
Korean Full Name: 홍지수
Date of Birth: 19951230
정한 세븐틴
Stage Name: Jeonghan
Full Name: Yoon Jeonghan
Korean Stage Name: 정한
Korean Full Name: 윤정한
Date of Birth: 19951004
에스.쿱스	 세븐틴
Stage Name: S.Coups
Full Name: Choi Seungcheol
Korean Stage Name: 에스.쿱스
Korean Full Name: 최승철
Date of Birth: 19950808
Block B PO Yesterday
Stage Name: P.O
Full Name: Pyo Jihoon
Korean Stage Name: 표지훈
Korean Full Name: 피오
Date of Birth: 19930202
Block B Yesterday Park Kyung
Stage Name: Park Kyung
Full Name: Park Kyung
Korean Stage Name: 박경
Korean Full Name: 박경
Date of Birth: 19920708
Block B Yesterday U-Kwon
Stage Name: U-Kwon
Full Name: Kim Yukwon
Korean Stage Name: 유권
Korean Full Name: 김유권
Date of Birth: 19920409
Block B Yesterday Jaehyo
Stage Name: Jaehyo
Full Name: Ahn Jaehyo
Korean Stage Name: 재효
Korean Full Name: 안재효
Date of Birth: 19901223
Block B Remontage B-Bomb
Stage Name: B-Bomb
Full Name: Lee Minhyuk
Korean Stage Name: 비범
Korean Full Name: 이민혁
Date of Birth: 19901214
Block B Remontage Taeil
Stage Name: Taeil
Full Name: Lee Taeil
Korean Stage Name: 태일
Korean Full Name: 이태일
Date of Birth: 19900924
Zico Profile
Stage Name: Zico
Full Name: Woo Jiho
Korean Stage Name: 지코
Korean Full Name: 우지호
Date of Birth: 19920914
VIXX Hyuk Profile
Stage Name: Hyuk
Full Name: Han Sanghyuk
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 한상혁
Date of Birth: 19950705
VIXX Hongbin Profile
Stage Name: Hongbin
Full Name: Lee Hongbin
Korean Stage Name: 홍빈
Korean Full Name: 이홍빈
Date of Birth: 19930929
VIXX Ravi Profile
Stage Name: Ravi
Full Name: Kim Wonsik
Korean Stage Name: 라비
Korean Full Name: 김원식
Date of Birth: 19930215
VIXX Ken Profile
Stage Name: Ken
Full Name: Lee Jaehwan
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 이재환
Date of Birth: 19920406
VIXX Leo Profile
Stage Name: Leo
Full Name: Jung Taekwoon
Korean Stage Name: 레오
Korean Full Name: 레오
Date of Birth: 19901110
VIXX N Eau De VIXX Profile
Stage Name: N
Full Name: Cha Hakyeon
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 차학연
Date of Birth: 19900630
Gongchan B1A4
Stage Name: Gongchan
Full Name: Gong Chansik
Korean Stage Name: 공찬
Korean Full Name: 공찬식
Date of Birth: 19930814
Baro B1A4
Stage Name: Baro
Full Name: Cha Sunwoo
Korean Stage Name: 바로
Korean Full Name: 차선우
Date of Birth: 19920905
Sandeul B1A4
Stage Name: Sandeul
Full Name: Lee Junghwan
Korean Stage Name: 산들
Korean Full Name: 이정환
Date of Birth: 19920320
Jinyoung B1A4
Stage Name: Jinyoung
Full Name: Jung Jinyoung
Korean Stage Name: 진영
Korean Full Name: 정진영
Date of Birth: 19911118
Stage Name: CNU
Full Name: Shin Dongwoo
Korean Stage Name: 신우
Korean Full Name: 신동우
Date of Birth: 19910716
BAP Zelo Profile
Stage Name: Zelo
Full Name: Choi Junhong
Korean Stage Name: 젤로
Korean Full Name: 최준홍
Date of Birth: 19961015
BAP Jongup Profile
Stage Name: Jongup
Full Name: Moon Jongup
Korean Stage Name: 문종업
Korean Full Name: 종업
Date of Birth: 19950206
BAP Hands Up Youngjae
Stage Name: Youngjae
Full Name: Yoo Yoongjae
Korean Stage Name: 영재
Korean Full Name: 유영재
Date of Birth: 19940124
BAP Hands Up Daehyun
Stage Name: Daehyun
Full Name: Jung Daehyun
Korean Stage Name: 대현
Korean Full Name: 정대현
Date of Birth: 19930628
BAP Himchan Profile
Stage Name: Himchan
Full Name: Kim Himchan
Korean Stage Name: 힘찬
Korean Full Name: 김힘찬
Date of Birth: 19900419
Bang Yongguk Profile
Stage Name: Yongguk
Full Name: Bang Yongguk
Korean Stage Name: 용국
Korean Full Name: 방용국
Date of Birth: 19900331
BTS Jungkook
Stage Name: Jungkook
Full Name: Jeon Jungkook
Korean Stage Name: 정국
Korean Full Name: 전정국
Date of Birth: 19970901
Stage Name: V
Full Name: Kim Taehyung
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 김태형
Date of Birth: 19951230
BTS Jimin
Stage Name: Jimin
Full Name: Park Jimin
Korean Stage Name: 지민
Korean Full Name: 박지민
Date of Birth: 19951013
BTS J-hope
Stage Name: J-Hope
Full Name: Jung Hoseok
Korean Stage Name: 제이홉
Korean Full Name: 정호석
Date of Birth: 19940218
Stage Name: Jin
Full Name: Kim Seokjin
Korean Stage Name:
Korean Full Name: 김석진
Date of Birth: 19921204
BTS Suga
Stage Name: SUGA
Full Name: Min Yoongi
Korean Stage Name: 슈가
Korean Full Name: 민윤기
Date of Birth: 19930309
Stage Name: RM
Full Name: Kim Namjoon
Korean Stage Name: 알엠
Korean Full Name: 김남준
Date of Birth: 19940912