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Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 1989 (Kpop ’89 liners).

Male K-Pop Idols born in 1989 are shown in a row with light blue background

Female K-Pop Idols born in 1989 are shown in a row with light pink background

Girl pictured above is Hyosung from SECRET.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name K. Stage Name Date of Birth Group Country Gender
Taeyeon Kim Taeyeon 태연 09/03/1989 SNSD South Korea F
Sunny Lee Sunkyu 써니 15/05/1989 SNSD South Korea F
Tiffany Hwang Miyoung 티파니 01/08/1989 SNSD South Korea F
Hyoyeon Kim Hyoyeon 효연 22/09/1989 SNSD South Korea F
Yuri Kwon Yuri 유리 05/12/1989 SNSD South Korea F
Jessica Jessica Jung 제시카 18/04/1989 South Korea F
Solji Heo Solji 솔지 10/01/1989 EXID South Korea F
Profile Yenny Park Yeeun 예은 26/05/1989 Wonder Girls South Korea F
Jia Meng Jia 지아 03/02/1989 miss A China F
Sungah Son Sungah 성아 08/07/1989 9Muses South Korea F
BoA Kwon Boa 보아 05/11/1989 South Korea F
Ailee Lee Yejin 에일리 30/05/1989 South Korea F
Jei Kim Jinhee 재이 05/09/1989 Fiestar South Korea F
Linzy Im Minji 린지 22/10/1989 Fiestar South Korea F
Profile Hyomin Park Sunyoung 효민 30/05/1989 T-ara South Korea F
Raina Oh Hyerin 레이나 07/05/1989 After School South Korea F
Bekah Rebecca Kim 베카 11/08/1989 South Korea F
Gabin Kim Gabin 가빈 18/09/1989 Blady South Korea F
Daesung Daesung 대성 26/04/1989 BIGBANG South Korea M
Henry Henry Lau 헨리 11/10/1989 Super Junior-M Canada M
Onew Lee Jinki 온유 14/12/1989 SHINee South Korea M
Doojoon Yoon Doojoon 두준 04/07/1989 Beast South Korea M
Junhyung Yong Junyung 준형 19/12/1989 Beast South Korea M
Hyunseung Jang Hyunseung 현승 03/09/1989 South Korea M
Sungkyu Kim Sungkyu 성규 28/04/1989 Infinite South Korea M
Wooyoung Jang Wooyoung 우영 30/04/1989 2PM South Korea M
Donghyun Kim Donghyun 동현 12/02/1989 Boyfriend South Korea M
Profile Hyosung Jun Hyoseong 효성 13/10/1989 SECRET South Korea F
Soohyun Shin Soohyun 수현 11/03/1989 U-KISS South Korea M
Lee Hoo Moon Junyoung 09/02/1989 ZE:A South Korea M
Taeheon Kim Taeheon 태헌 18/06/1989 ZE:A South Korea M
Heechul Jung Heechul 희철 09/12/1989 ZE:A South Korea M
Gunwoo Lee Gunwoo 건우 30/01/1989 MYNAME South Korea M
Yonghwa Jung Yonghwa 용화 22/06/1989 CNBLUE South Korea M
Noeul No Eul 노을 10/05/1989 Rainbow South Korea F
Jiyou Im Changsook 지유 15/06/1989 Two X South Korea F