Gyuri Kara

Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 1988 (Kpop ’88 liners).

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Girl pictured above Gyuri from KARA.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name K. Stage Name Date of Birth Group Country Gender
Profile Yubin Kim Yubin 유빈 04/10/1988 Wonder Girls South Korea F
Euaerin Lee Hyemin 이유애린 03/05/1988 South Korea F
Profile Eunjung Ham Eunjung 은정 12/12/1988 T-ara South Korea F
Uee Kim Yujin 유이 09/04/1988 After School South Korea F
Geummi Baek Boram 금미 18/06/1988 Crayon Pop South Korea F
Taeyang Dong Youngbae 태양 18/05/1988 BIGBANG South Korea M
G-Dragon Kwon Jiyong 지드래곤 18/08/1988 BIGBANG South Korea M
Kyuhyun Cho Kyuhyun 규현 03/02/1988 Super Junior South Korea M
Jun. K Kim Minjun 준케이 15/01/1988 2PM South Korea M
Nichkhun Nichkhun Horvejkul 닉쿤 24/06/1988 2PM Thailand M
Taecyeon Ok Taecyeon 택연 27/12/1988 2PM South Korea M
Gyuri Park Gyuri 규리 21/05/1988 KARA South Korea F
Seungyeon Han Seungyeon 승연 24/07/1988 KARA South Korea F
Lee Joon Lee Changseon 이준 07/02/1988 South Korea M
Kevin Kevin Jiyeop Kim 케빈 23/02/1988 ZE:A South Korea M
Kwanghee Hwang Kwanghee 광희 25/08/1988 ZE:A South Korea M
Siwan Yim Siwan 시완 01/12/1988 ZE:A South Korea M
Insoo Kang Insoo 인수 10/03/1988 MYNAME South Korea M
Viki Kang Eunhye 비키 28/03/1988 South Korea F
Jaekyung Kim Jaekyung 재경 24/12/1988 Rainbow South Korea F
Woori Go Woori 우리 22/02/1988 Rainbow South Korea F
Seungah Oh Seungah 승아 13/09/1988 Rainbow South Korea F
Narae Park Narae 나래 23/02/1988 SPICA South Korea F
Jiwon Yang Jiwon 지원 05/04/1988 SPICA South Korea F
Onejunn Jo Wonjun 원준 22/11/1988 Boys Republic South Korea M
  • Samantha Lucas

    You forgot about Shim Changmin “Max” from TVXQ under SM 14/2/1988 i may be wrong on the day but the month and year are correct