Hinapia, kpop girl group with 5 members

Kpop Girl Groups with 5 Members

This is a list with Kpop Girl Groups that have 5 Members.

From the current active groups, some of the most known K-Pop girl groups that have 5 members are Red Velvet and ITZY.

ELRIS debuted with 5 members, they now have 7. KARA and f(x) had for the most of their career 5 members. 4minute and SPICA had always 5 members.

BVNDIT and Hinapia have 5 members. AOA had 5 members for their last comeback, but after Jimin left they are down to 4 members.

LABOUM began with 6 members and after Yulhee left they continued as 5. Crayon Pop had 5 members for all of their promotions until Soyul left.

Sonamoo have currently 5 members while they were originally 7, but they haven’t yet made a comeback.

Fiestar started with 6 but for most of their career promoted as 5. 5 of Dreamcatcher‘s members were previously members of Minx.