IVE April 10, 2023 Comeback

April 2023 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

This is a list with all announced Kpop April 2023 comebacks and debuts.

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April 2023 K-Pop Release Synopsis

  • Seventeen will make a comeback on April 24, 2023 with their 10th mini album titled FML.
  • Taeyeon will make a comeback with her 5th mini album in April 2023.
  • BTS Suga (as agustD) will release his solo album D-DAY on April 21, 2023.
  • Kep1er will make a comeback on April 10, 2023 with their 4th mini album Lovestruck!.
  • IVE will make a comeback with their 1st full album on April 10, 2023.
  • ALICE will make a comeback with their 2nd Single Album SHOW DOWN on April 17, 2023.
  • Apink made a comeback on April 5, 2023 with their 10th mini album Self.
  • TEMPEST will make a comeback with their 4th Mini Album Before the Storm on April 17, 2023.
  • KARD made a comeback in April 2023.
  • An NCT sub-unit (NCT DoJaeJung (Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo)) will make their debut on April 17, 2023.
  • Dreamnote will make a comeback on April 12, 2023 with their 5th single album Secondary Page.
  • aespa would originally make a comeback with their 1st full album in April 2023, now moved to May 2023.
Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2023-04-04WE:AJapanese Debut24/71st Japanese SingleBoy Solo
2023-04-05STAYCJapaneseTeddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-Girl Group
2023-04-05ApinkComebackSelfDND10th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-10Kep1erComebackLovestruck!GiddyGirl Group
2023-04-10IVEComebackI've IVEI AM1st Full AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-10KARDComebackWithout YouWithout You3rd Digital SingleCo-ed Group
2023-04-101CHU (HEYGIRLS)ComebackSirenGirl Group
2023-04-11x:inDebutKeeping the FireKeeping the FireGirl Group
2023-04-12Lee ChaeyeonComebackOver the MoonKnockGirl Solo
2023-04-12DreamnoteComebackSecondary PageLemonade5th Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-12JUST BComebackCamelliaCamelliaBoy Group
2023-04-13Yeeun (CLC)Solo DebutThe BeginningCherry Coke1st Single AlbumGirl Solo
2023-04-13DAWNComebackDear My LightDear My LightBoy Solo
2023-04-16BOL4ComebackLove.zip8th Mini AlbumGirl Solo
2023-04-16KANNI (Girlkind Xeheun)Solo DebutAprilliaAprilliaGirl Solo
2023-04-17NCT DOJAEJUNGUnit DebutPerfumePerfume1st Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-17Gikwang (Highlight)ComebackPredatorPredator1st Full AlbumBoy Solo
2023-04-17MustBComebackRoyaltyBoy Group
2023-04-17Bang YonggukPre-releaseBoy Solo
2023-04-17TEMPESTComebackBefore the StormDangerousBoy Group
2023-04-19Golden ChildJapaneseInvisible CrayonCrayonBoy Group
2023-04-19ALICEComebackShow DownShow Down2nd Single AlbumGirl Group
2023-04-19DRIPPINComebackSEVEN SINSBoy Group
2023-04-20Ryu SujeongSolo ComebackArchive of EmotionsGrabby Girl1st Full AlbumGirl Solo
2023-04-20Giuk (ONEWE)Solo DebutPsycho Xybernetics : TURN OVERBoy Solo
2023-04-21agustDComebackD-DayBoy Solo
2023-04-24SEVENTEENComebackFML10th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-25xodiacDebutThrow a DiceBoy Group
2023-04-26TFNJapaneseOUR TEEN:YELLOW SIDE2nd Japanese Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-26EPEXComebackPrelude of Love Chapter 2. Growing Pains5th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-26Xdinary HeroesComebackDeadlock3rd Mini AlbumBoy Group
2023-04-26WOODZComebackOO-LI5th Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2023-04-27CMDMDebutBack to the Future1st SIngle AlbumBoy Group
TaeyeonComeback5th Mini AlbumGirl Solo
IVE April 10, 2023 Comeback
IVE will make a comeback on April 10, 2023

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