Cherry Bullet Cherry Rush Concept Group

Cherry Bullet Cherry Rush / Love So Sweet Concept Photos (HD/HQ)

Cherry Bullet released on January 20, 2021 their 1st Mini Album titled Cherry Rush.

The song Love So Sweet is the title track. According to the video description:

Cherry Bullet delivers sweet love through the retro-based synth-pop title track ‘Love So Sweet.’ The title track ‘Love So Sweet’ is characterized by a simple yet addictive baseline. LOVE SWEET ENERGY is delivered to tired and struggling people through the charm of high-sugar Cherry Bullet, like the album name which came from ‘Sugar Rush,’ which means a state of soaring energy after eating sweet food.

In the music video of ‘Love So Sweet,’ Cherry Bullet, introduced as the developer and player of the operating system ‘Cherry Bullet OS,’ which is given various quests, shows their sweet party that is enjoyed in reality beyond the ‘Cherry Bullet OS.’ The spectacular performance with lovely visuals shows the team’s color of ‘Lovely Energetic,’ solidifying Cherry Bullet’s very own style.

Check the concept photos of this release below. It’s the same as one of the teaser sets, just without text/logos.

체리블렛 (Cherry Bullet) – ‘Love So Sweet’ MV

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 12:55