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ENHYPEN Future Perfect who's who

ENHYPEN – Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)

July 4, 2022

Screencaps of ENHYPEN members from the Future Perfect MV (Enhypen Future Perfect who’s who): ENHYPEN Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) Color Coded Lyrics ENHYPEN Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) Lyrics “Walk the line” I hate that line 난 깨달았어 함께 달렸어 I’ll pass the mic, pass the mic You stay still? You stay? You stay?Continue reading →

aespa Life's Too Short who's who

aespa – Life’s Too Short (English ver.)

June 24, 2022

Screencaps of the aespa members from the Life’s Too Short MV (aespa Life’s Too Short who’s who): aespa Life’s Too Short Color Coded lyrics aespa Life’s Too Short lyrics All of this discussion Talking about nothing You would ever say to my face You think your words are Gospel But they’re only trouble I ain’tContinue reading →

Lapillus Hit Ya who's who

Lapillus – Hit Ya!

June 23, 2022

Screencaps of the Lapillus members from the Hit Ya! MV (Lapillus Hit Ya who’s who): Lapillus Hit Ya Color Coded lyrics Lapillus Hit Ya lyrics HIT YA HIT YA My engine never stop I’m a cat 보기에는 예쁜 나비 But watch your back 인정사정 없는 Bad b**** 그냥 Girls 와는 급이 다른 Baddest 톡 쏴Continue reading →

Purple Kiss memeM who's who

Purple Kiss – memeM

Screencaps of the Purple Kiss members from the memeM MV (Purple Kiss memeM who’s who): Purple Kiss memeM Color Coded lyrics Purple Kiss memeM lyrics 남들이 하는 건 난 안 할래 재미없어 dang it 어쩔 건데 M.E.M.E.M. M.E.M.E.M. BAM BAM BAM 뚫어지게 날 쳐다봐라 날 P.K. STAY TUNE 미치게 내가 놀아줄게 점점 빠져든다 도망쳐봤자 내Continue reading →

KARD Ring the Alarm who's who

KARD – Ring the Alarm

Screencaps of the KARD members from the Ring the Alarm MV (KARD Ring the Alarm who’s who): KARD Ring the Alarm Color Coded lyrics KARD Ring the Alarm lyrics 일단 즐겨 Let go 기분 좋으면 Say oh One Two Three Four 따라와 어서 Put you in the mood Bottle with the juice 흔들어버려 바삐 ShakeContinue reading →

BVNDIT Venom who's who

BVNDIT – Venom

Screencaps of the BVNDIT members from the Venom MV (BVNDIT Venom who’s who): BVNDIT Venom Color Coded lyrics BVNDIT Venom lyrics VENOM VENOM 다 다 다 다 들어와 Listen up up up come on now 거대한 힘 숨길 수가 없지 내 안의 다른 날 불러 ya Um 위험해 치명적이야 In my blood Swear that IContinue reading →

PIXY Villain who's who

PIXY – Villain

June 22, 2022

Screencaps of the PIXY members from the Villain MV (PIXY Villain who’s who): PIXY Villain Color Coded lyrics PIXY Villain lyrics 다정 (DAJEONG) Pixy has been reborn Pixy has been reborn 로라 (LOLA) Dropped that fought that in the life I used to have as baby I just lost my memory in the new lifeContinue reading →

LOONA Flip That who's who

LOONA – Flip That

June 20, 2022

Screencaps of LOONA members from the Flip That MV (Loona Flip That who’s who): Loona Flip That Color Coded Lyrics Loona Flip That Lyrics (Flip that that that that that that that) (전부 Flip that that that that that that that) 모든 걸 다 Flip that 세상을 뒤집어 똑같은 Day & Night 이어지지 않게 나의Continue reading →

Kep1er Up! who's who

Kep1er – Up!

Screencaps of Kep1er members from the Up! MV (Kep1er Up! who’s who): Kep1er Up! Color Coded Lyrics Kep1er Up! Lyrics Listen I do I do 오늘도 내일도 Don’t waste it Na na na na Don’t waste it Always I’m good I’m good 주문을 외우고 더 멋진 Na na na na 더 멋진 제일 멋진 색깔로Continue reading →

BTS Yet To Come who's who

BTS – Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

June 10, 2022

Screencaps of the BTS members from the Yet To Come MV (BTS Yet To Come who’s who): BTS Yet To Come Lyrics Was it honestly the best? Cause I just wanna see the next 부지런히 지나온 어제들 속에 참 아름답게 Yeah the past was honestly the best But my best is what comes next I’mContinue reading →