fromis_9 Fun!

fromis_9 – FUN!

Date: June 4, 2019

Korean title: 프로미스나인 – 펀

Digital single by fromis_9. MV directed by Zanybros. Produced by MELODESIGN, Avenue 52, Sean Alexander, Drew Ryan Scott.
Fromis_9 is back with an upgraded sound and performance! Through their 1st Single Album [FUN FACTORY] and its title track “FUN!,” fromis_9 sends a message saying, “let’s get out of our dull routine and have fun! Everything will be joyful and fun with us.” Fromis_9’s pure energy looks to present a refreshing vibe this summer. The title track, “FUN!” is an up-tempo dance track with a house and disco rhythm that highlights fromis_9’s unique and lively energy. As fromis_9 seals their identity as “refreshing” icons, they seek to melt the hearts of fans with their fun and unique lyrics that yearn to bring

Screencaps of fromis_9 members from the Fun! MV: