SNSD August 2022 Comeback

August 2022 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Recently updated on August 10th, 2022 at 10:55 am

This is a list with all announced Kpop August 2022 comebacks and debuts.

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August 2022 K-Pop Release Synopsis

TWICE will release their 11th Mini Album BETWEEN 1&2 on August 26, 2022. Preorder Between 1&2 from Yesasia.

NewJeans will make their debut on August 1, 2022 with the digital release of their 1st EP – The physical release is scheduled for August 8, 2022. Buy NewJeans debut mini from Yesasia.

Girls’ Generation will make a comeback on August 8, 2022 with their 7th full album titled Forever 1. Preorder Girls’ Generation Vol. 7 – FOREVER 1 (Special Version) from YesAsia.

The Boyz will make a comeback with their 7th Mini Album titled Be Aware on August 16, 2022. Order The Boyz’ Be Aware from YesAsia.

BLACKPINK will make a comeback on August 19, 2022 titled Pink Venom, it will be a pre-release track from their September 2022 album.

TRI.BE will make a comeback on August 9th with their 3rd Single Album ‘LEVIOSA’.

IVE will make a comeback on August 22, 2022 with their 3rd Single Album ‘After Like‘.

Choi Yena will make a comeback on August 3, 2022.

IOLITE will make their debut in August 2022.

DIA will release a final album in August 2022.

TXT will release their 3rd Japanese Single “Good Boy Gone Bad” on August 31, 2022.

DateArtistReleaseAlbum TitleSong TitleAlbum TypeArtist Type
2022-08-01NewJeansDebutNew JeansGirl Group
2022-08-03Choi YenaComebackSmartphoneSmartphoneGirl Solo
2022-08-05envidia (Makamaka)Unit DebutWho am I?Girl Group
2022-08-08Girls' GenerationComebackForever 17th AlbumGirl Group
2022-08-08Golden ChildComebackAuraReplay6th mini AlbumBoy Group
2022-08-09TRI.BEComebackLEVIOSA3rd Single AlbumGirl Group
2022-08-11WEiJapanese DebutYouthMaldivesBoy Group
2022-08-16CRAXYComebackRequiemRequiemDigital SingleGirl Group
2022-08-16THE BOYZComebackBe Aware7th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2022-08-17TVXQ!JapaneseUTSOROIBoy Group
2022-08-17Kang DanielJapaneseTPIRTPIR feat. MiyaviJapanese Pre-debut singleBoy Solo
2022-08-17AB6IXJapaneseSAVIORBoy Group
2022-08-19BlackpinkComebackPink VenomPre-Release SingleGirl Group
2022-08-22IVEComebackAfter Like3rd Single AlbumGirl Group
2022-08-22CIXComebackOK' Episode 1 : OK Not5th Mini AlbumBoy Group
2022-08-23Leo (VIXX)ComebackPiano man Op. 92nd Mini AlbumBoy Solo
2022-08-24OMEGA XJapanese DebutStand UpJapanese DebutBoy Group
2022-08-24BLANK2YComebackK2Y II : PASSION [FUEGO]2nd Mini AlbumBoy Group
2022-08-26TWICEComebackBETWEEN 1&2Talk that Talk11th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2022-08-29TempestComebackShining UpBoy Group
2022-08-29Rocket PunchComebackFlash2nd Single AlbumGirl Group
2022-08-30Key (SHINee)ComebackGasoline2nd Full AlbumBoy Solo
2022-08-31TXTJapaneseGood Boy Gone Bad3rd Japanese SingleBoy Group
2022-08-31PRITTI-GComebackLove TakerGirl Group
2022-08-31BilllieComebackthe Billage of perception: chapter two3rd Mini AlbumGirl Group
2022-08-25DKBComebackAutumn5th Mini AlbumBoy Group
SNSD August 2022 Comeback

SNSD August 2022 Comeback

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