Girls Planet 999 Episode 1

Girls Planet 999 Episode 1 Summary / Synopsis

Girls Planet 999 had it’s premiere on August 6, 2021.

You can watch the Girls Planet Episode 1 here with English/Chinese/Japanese subtitles.

The first episode is two and a half hours long, but it’s a mnet show which means that there is a lot of editing, many reaction cuts, performances being repeated to show different reactions and overreactions. Luckily, mnet uploads the full performances on YouTube and other sites.

The show starts explaining that there are 3 groups: K Group, C Group and J Group, each having 33 contestants. They are formed into 33 teams, with one girl from each group.

Yeo Jin-Goo greets us and says that we’ll see their 3-month journey.

The first revealed team consists of Kim Yeeun, Kawaguchi Yurina and Gu Yi Zhou. They are supposedly connected through a common interest, for them is TWICE as their role model. They enter the room with the 99 chairs (like the pyramid of Produce 101).

Second team consists of  Lee Yunji, Murakami Yume and Liu Shi Qi. 3rd is Lee Chaeyun, Ikema Ruan and  Lin Chen Han. These two teams consist of actresses.

Another team consists of Seo Youngeun, Inaba Vivienne and Ho Sze Ching. The youngest team consists of Guinn Myah, Kuwahara Ayana and Liu Yu Han.

The Shin-chan team is Kim Chaehyun, Kanno Miyu and Huang Xing Qiao. The Invertebrate girls are Kang Yeseo, Kamikura Rei and Chia Yi.

The girls that almost debuted together are Lee Yeongyung, Sakamoto Mashiro and Cui Wen Mei Xiu, they were all in JYPE together.

The good dancers are Sim Seungeun, Ando Rinka and Chien Tzuling. The main vocalists are Kim Hyerim, Kubo Reina and Xia Yan.

The all-rounder team has Kim Suyeon, Nonaka Shana and Fu Ya Ning. The next teams are based on foods they like.

The team consisting of contestants that have released an album has Choi Yujin (CLC), Okazaki Momoko (Sakura Gakuin) and Xu Zi Yin (Solo as Roada Xu). The girls that have Girls’ Generation as their icon are Kim Bora (Cherry Bullet), Hayashi Fuko and Zhang Luo Fei.

Choi Hye Rin Tzuyu

Girls discussing some lookalikes

The Pretty Girls team has Kim Doah from Produce 48 and FANATICS, Okuma Sumomo and Chen Hsin Wei. The last team consists of the centers of each group: Kim Dayeon, Ezaki Hikaru and Shen Xiao Ting. The rest of the teams have no special introduction in this episode.

The masters are introduced: Planet Master Yeo Jin-goo, he reveals that the final group will have 9 members. The K-Pop masters Tiffany and Sunmi are introduced next. The vocal masters are Onestar and Jo A Young. The dance masters are Mihawk Back and Jang Ju Hee.

The 3-member teams are called “Cells“. They will survive or be eliminated together by voting. They can keep or change their “cell“. The contestants will perform for the first time, the masters will pick the Top 9 and these Top 9 will have the chance to change their cells if they want.

The girls have already a ranking that is, at first, hidden. It will be revealed to all before they perform.

The Visual Killer (Shen Xiao Ting, Xu Ruo Wei, Huang Xing Qiao, Chen Hsin Wei) are the first to perform. Shen Xiao Ting is ranked 1st, and they ask her to perform a dance but the performance is filled with a million reaction cuts. The group performs Rumor, here is the full version without the annoying cuts and repeats of the same part:

Shen Xiao Ting is the first Top 9 candidate.

The Crystal Girls are Murakami Yume, Kawaguchi Yurina, Kishida Ririka, Kitajima Yuna, Hayase Hana, they performed TWICE’s Fancy.

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