Dreamcatcher Scream

dbkpop’s 25 Favorite K-Pop Songs with MVs for 2020

2020 ends in a few days, it was a very difficult year for everyone in the world.

This post has 25 of my favorite K-Pop songs with MVs for 2020. The list is randomized and not ranked from 1 to 25. The list also has 2 songs that don’t have mvs but have an official video – sorry for that.

On Monday Kpopalypse will post his Honourable Mentions for 2020, and on January 1, 2021 he will post his 30 favorite songs. As usual, you can expect videos of his lists on my channel.

To the list.

Taemin – Criminal

Stray Kids – God’s Menu

P1Harmony – Siren

CIX – Jungle

Eyedi – Jus.T


Dreamcatcher – Scream

OnlyOneOf – dOra maar

Dreamcatcher – Boca


Favorite – Lie


ELRIS – This Is Me

IZ*ONE – Fiesta

ACE – Goblin

ONF – Sukhumvit Swimming

TWICE – I Can’t Stop Me

Daydream – Num Num

GOT7 – Last Piece

APINK – Dumhdurum


Cherry Bullet – Hands Up

NATURE – Girls

STAYC – So Bad

ATEEZ – Thanxx

And that’s all. Only Dreamcatcher has 2 songs because I could put any song of them to be honest.

Stay safe and healthy!

Friday, December 25, 2020 22:02