WJSN Chocome Hmph! Concept Group

WJSN Chocome Hmph! Concept Photos (HD/HQ/HR)

WJSN Chocome, WJSN‘s sub-unit consisting of members  SoobinLudaYeoreum and Dayoung made their debut on October 7, 2020 with the song Hmph!.

This sub-unit is like the Orange Caramel of 2020 which is a very good thing.

You can check the concept photos of the WJSN Chocome members below, click for full size!

[MV] 우주소녀 쪼꼬미 (WJSN CHOCOME) – 흥칫뿡 (Hmph!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 12:47