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February 2020 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

This is a list with all announced Kpop February 2020 comebacks and debuts.

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BTS will have a comeback with Map of the Soul: 7 on February 21, 2020. The title track is the song On (Tracklist)

Nature will make their Japanese debut on February 12, 2020.

Monsta X will release their English album on February 14, 2020.

Cignature, C9’s new girl group is set to debut in February 2020.

AleXa is set to make her first comeback in February 2020.

KARD‘s comeback is scheduled for February 2020.

Twice‘s Japanese 2nd Album Repackage (&Twice Repackage) single (Swing) will be released on February 4, 2020.

GFRIEND will have a new release on February 3 titled ‘回: LABYRINTH‘.

Everglow will have a comeback on February 3, 2020 with their first mini album titled Reminescence.

iKON will have a comeback with their 3rd mini album titled i DECIDE on February 6, 2020. It will be their first comeback without B.I.

Pentagon will have a comeback with their 1st full album on February 12.

IZ*ONE‘s 1st album BLOOM*IZ will be released on February 17, 2020.

Dreamcatcher will have a comeback on February 17, 2020 with their first full album titled Dystopia: The Tree of Language.

AB6IX will release their digital mini-album 5NALLY on February 13, 2020.

Weki Meki announced that they will make a comeback on February 20, 2020 with the digital single Dazzle Dazzle.

ELRIS will make a comeback on February 26th with two new members (7 in total), a release titled Jackpot.

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Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2020-02-12 Nature Japanese Debut I’m So Pretty -Japanese ver.- I’m So Pretty -Japanese ver.- Japanese Single Girl Group
2020-02-14 MONSTA X English ALL ABOUT LUV English Album Boy Group
2020-02-21 BTS Comeback Map of the Soul: 7 On Boy Group
2020-02-05 Loona Comeback # So What Girl Group
2020-02-05 Twice Japanese & Twice -Repackage- Swing Japanese 2nd Album Repackage Girl Group
2020-02-03 GFRIEND Comeback 回 LABYRINTH Crossroads Girl Group
2020-02-03 DKB Debut Youth 1st Mini Album Boy Group
2020-02-12 ATEEZ Japanese Treasure EP. Map To Answer 1st Japanese mini album Boy Group
2020-02-03 EVERGLOW Comeback Reminiscence Dun Dun 1st Mini Album Girl Group
2020-02-06 iKON Comeback i DECIDE Dive 3rd Mini Album Boy Group
2020-02-10 The Boyz Comeback Reveal Reveal 1st Full Album Boy Group
2020-02-04 Cignature Debut NunNuNaNa NunNuNaNa 1st Single Album Girl Group
2020-02-10 Rocket Punch Comeback Red Punch Bouncy 2nd Mini Album Girl Group
2020-02-11 Cherry Bullet Comeback Hands Up Hands Up Girl Group
2020-02-06 BVNDIT Special Cool Digital Single Girl Group
2020-02-12 PENTAGON Comeback Universe: The Black Hall Dr. Bebe 1st Full Album Boy Group
2020-02-13 AB6IX Special 5nally EP with 5 solo singles Boy Group
2020-02-14 Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) Comeback Dark Side of the Moon 2nd Solo Album Girl Solo
2020-02-04 Episode Debut Open My Door Open My Door 1st Single Album Girl Group
2020-02-12 KARD Comeback Red Moon 4th Mini Album Co-ed Group
2020-02-07 8Eight Special Co-ed Group
2020-02-05 SAAY Special Winter Digital Single Girl Solo
2020-02-17 IZ*ONE Comeback Bloom*IZ Fiesta Girl Group
2020-02-18 Dreamcatcher Comeback Dystopia: The Tree of Language Scream 1st Full Album Girl Group
2020-02-20 Weki Meki Comeback Dazzle Dazzle Dazzle Dazzle Digital Single Girl Group
2020-02-26 ELRIS Comeback Jackpot Jackpot 4th Mini Album Girl Group
2020-02-23 DONGHAE X BewhY Harmony Single Boy Solo
2020-02-18 High School Comeback Timing Girl Group
2020-02-23 Daydream Debut Very Very (Num Num) Girl Group
2020-02-27 MCND Debut Into The Ice Age Boy Group
2020-02-29 Chungha Special (New.wav Project) Digital Single Girl Solo
2020-02-23 UNVS Debut Timeless 1st Single Album Boy Group
2020-02-26 XENEX Debut It's Gonna Hurt It's Gonna Hurt Boy Group
2020-02-21 3YE Comeback Queen 3rd Digital Single Girl Group
2020-02-24 Spectrum Comeback 325 Showtime Single Album Boy Group