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November 2019 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Recently updated on November 12th, 2019 at 03:20 pm

This is a list with all announced Kpop November 2019 comebacks and debuts.

You can see the October 2019 comebacks and debuts here.

Twice will release their second Japanese Album on November 20.

GFRIEND will release their first Japanese Album on November 13.

EXO will release a Japanese song on November 4 titled BIRD.

Stray Kids‘s release for November 25 titled Clé : LEVANTER has been postponed because of member Woojin leaving the group.

NATURE will make a comeback as 9 in November with Kim Sohee, former Produce 101 Season 1 contestant and member of the special groups I.B.I and C.I.V.A

WJSN will make a comeback in the middle of November

IZ*ONE‘s comeback was set for November 11, 2019. Here’s the first concept trailer. Comeback is postponed as a result of Produce 101’s PD’s revelations that he manipulated the show’s results.

Alseulbit Entertainment will debut a girl group with former Pristin members Eunwoo, Roa, Yuha, Rena and a still unnamed member in November. The group’s name is Hinapia.

BVNDIT will release their 1st mini album on November 5, 2019.

MAMAMOO will make a comeback mid-November.

AOA are confirmed for a November comeback. Seolhyun posted some photos on her instagram, possibly from this comeback.

EXO have also announced that they’ll have a comeback on November 27 with their sixth full album titled OBSESSION.

Kang Daniel will release a digital single on November 25, 219.

DateArtistReleaseAlbum TitleSong TitleAlbum TypeArtist Type
2019-11-13GFRIENDJapaneseFallin' LightFallin' Light1st Japanese AlbumGirl Group
2019-11-20TWICEJapanese&TWICEFake & True2nd Japanese AlbumGirl Group
2019-11-13Goo HaraJapaneseMidnight QueenJapanese SingleGirl Solo
2019-11-04EXOJapaneseBirdJapanese SingleBoy Group
2019-11-25Stray KidsComebackClé : LEVANTERBoy Group
2019-11-18IUComebackLove Poem5th Mini AlbumGirl Solo
2019-11-06The BoyzJapaneseTATTOODebut Mini AlbumBoy Group
2019-11-14Stray KIdsAstronautBoy Group
2019-11-04VICTONComebackNostalgiaNostalgic NightBoy Group
2019-11-04GOT7ComebackBoy Group
2019-11-05BVNDITComebackBeDumb1st Mini AlbumGirl Group
2019-11-03HinapiaDebutNew StartGirl Group
IZ*ONEComebackBLOOM*IZGirl Group
2019-11-08ZicoComebackThinking Part. 2Boy Solo
2019-11-12NATUREComebackNature World: Code AOOPSIE (My Bad)Mini AlbumGirl Group
2019-11-14IN2ITComebackPuzzleSingle AlbumBoy Group
2019-11-04B.I.GComebackILLUSIONSingle AlbumBoy Group
2019-11-27EXOComebackObsession6th Full AlbumBoy Group
2019-11-04(G)I-dleSpecialLionDigital SingleGirl Group
2019-11-12ELRISComebackMiss UDigital SingleGirl Group
2019-11-05DAWNSolo DebutFlower ShowerBoy Solo
2019-11-05HyunaComebackMoneyGirl Solo
2019-11-10Leo (VIXX)SpecialAll of meDigital SingleBoy Solo
2019-11-14MamamooComebackReality In BlackHipGirl Group
2019-11-22Sungmin (Super Junior)Solo DebutOrgelBoy Solo
2019-11-20ASTROComebackBlue FlameBlue FlameMini AlbumBoy Group
2019-11-19WJSNComebackAs You WishAs You WishGirl Group
2019-11-18Golden ChildComebackRe:BootWannabeFull AlbumBoy Group
2019-11-25Kang DanielDigital SingleBoy Solo
2019-11-21Jun HyoseongComebackStarlightStarlightDigital SingleGirl Solo
2019-11-26AOAComebackNew MoonCome See Me6th Mini AlbumGirl Group
2019-11-28LimitlessComebackWish WishBoy Group
2019-11-18SuperMSpecialLet's Go AnywhereProject SingleBoy Group
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