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January 27, 2012
BAP Profile (비에이피)

6-member boyband from TS Entertainment, company of SECRET and Sonamoo.

Before debuting, most B.A.P members have appeared in Music Videos of labelmates SECRET. Bang Yongguk was featured in Song Jieun’s Going Crazy, and he and Zelo had a release as BANG & ZELO (Never Give Up featuring Hyosung in the music video, as well as other BAP and Sonamoo members).

BAP debuted with Warrior, and had a large number of releases up to November 2014, when they filled a lawsuit against their label.

On August 1, 2015 they reached a settlement with their company and had their comeback with Matrix.

The name B.A.P is an acronym of Best Absolute Perfect.

Youtube Channel: TS_Ent, BAP Japan

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Twitter Page: TS_Enter

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