X:IN Keeping the Fire Teaser Group

X:IN Keeping The Fire Teaser Photos (HD/HQ)

X:IN will make their debut on April 11, 2023 with their first full-length album Keeping the Fire.

The X:IN members are Roa, Chi.u, E.sha, Nova and Aria.

  • Roa (로아),  born Kwak Jieun (곽지은) in October 6, 1994, from South Korea
  • Chi.u (치유), born Lee Jaeyi (이재이) in August 16, 1998, from South Korea
  • E.sha (이샤), born Kwon Ye-na (권예나) in December 29, 1998, from Australia and South Korea
  • Nova (노바), born Maria Pavlovna Emelyanova in October 10, 2002, from Russia
  • Aria (아리아), born in March 12, 2003 in India.

Check the teaser photos for X:IN’s debut below, click for full size!

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