Apink february comebacks kpop 2022

February 2022 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

This is a list with all announced Kpop February 2022 comebacks and debuts.

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February 2022 K-Pop Release Synopsis

NMIXX will make their debut on February 22, 2022 with their 1st single titled AD MARE.

BtoB will make a full group comeback on February 21, 2022 titled Be Together.

Treasure made a comeback on February 15, 2022 titled THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE

VIVIZ, the new group of GFRIEND members SinB, Eunha and Umji, debuted on February 9, 2022.

Billlie will make a comeback in February 2022.

STAYC will make a comeback in February 2022.

Taeyeon will release her 3rd full album titled INVU on February 14, 2022.

Apink will make comeback on February 14, 2022 as a full group including Son Naeun.

Red Velvet 1st Japanese Full Album release was postponed from February 2, 2022.

Brave Girls will have a comeback in February or March 2022.

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2022-02-03 Jamie Comeback Pity Party Girl Solo
2022-02-07 Wonpil (DAY6) Solo Debut Pilmography Voiceless Boy Solo
2022-02-08 Ravi Comeback Love and Fight Winner Boy Solo
2022-02-08 Rolling Quartz Comeback Delight Girl Group
2022-02-09 U-Know Yunho Japanese Kimi wa Gou Gou Boy Solo
2022-02-09 VIVIZ Debut Beam of Prism BOP BOP! 1st Mini Album Girl Group
2022-02-09 Ha Sungwoon Special YOU Boy Solo
2022-02-14 Epik High Comeback Epik High is Here pt. 2 Boy Group
2022-02-14 Apink Comeback Horn Dilemma Special Album Girl Group
2022-02-14 Taeyeon Comeback INVU INVU 3rd Full Album Girl Solo
2022-02-14 Berry Debut Berry Peri Girl Solo
2022-02-15 Treasure Comeback THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE Jikjin Boy Group
2022-02-16 Rumble-G Comeback Every Other Girl Group
2022-02-16 Wonho Comeback Obsession Boy Solo
2022-02-17 Bae Suzy Solo Comeback Satellite Girl Solo
2022-02-21 BtoB Comeback Be Together Boy Group
2022-02-21 STAYC Comeback YOUNG-LUV.com 2nd Mini Album Girl Group
2022-02-22 Cravity Comeback Liberty: In Our Cosmos 1st Album pt. 2 Boy Group
2022-02-22 NMIXX Debut AD MARE 1st Single Album Girl Group
2022-02-22 ENHYPEN Japanese Always Boy Group
2022-02-24 CRAXY Comeback Craxy Universe Dance with God 2nd Album Girl Group
2022-02-24 Billlie Comeback the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one 2nd Mini Album Girl Group
2022-02-28 Rocket Punch Comeback Yellow Punch 4th Mini Album Girl Group