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January 2022 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

Recently updated on January 12th, 2022 at 01:30 pm

This is a list with all announced Kpop January 2022 comebacks and debuts.

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January 2022 K-Pop Release Synopsis

ENHYPEN will comeback on January 10, 2022 with 1st Album Repackage “DIMENSION : ANSWER”.

Former GFRIEND member Yuju will make her solo debut on January 18, 2022.

Former IZ*ONE member Choi Yena will make her solo debut on January 17, 2022.

Momoland will make a comeback on January 14, 2022.

Kep1er made their debut on January 3, 2022.

Girls On Top, SM Entertainment’s project girl super group had a release with their first unit “GOT The Beat” on January 3, 2022.

WJSN Chocome made their first comeback titled Supper Yuppers! on January 5, 2022.

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun will make a January 2022 comeback.

Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2022-01-03 Kep1er Debut First Impact WA DA DA 1st Mini Album Girl Group
2022-01-03 UP10TION Comeback Novella CRAZY ABOUT YOU Boy Group
2022-01-03 Girls On Top - Got The Beat Unit Debut Step Back Girl Group
2022-01-03 P1Harmony Comeback DISHARMONY : FIND OUT Do It Like This 3rd Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-04 Onewe Comeback Planet Nine: Voyager 2nd Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-04 woo!ah! Comeback Catch The Stars Digital Single Girl Group
2022-01-05 WJSN Chocome Comeback Super Yuppers! 2nd Single Album Girl Group
2022-01-05 Omega X Comeback Love Me Like 2nd Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-06 AleXa Comeback Tattoo Tatoo Girl Solo
2022-01-10 ENHYPEN Comeback DIMENSION: ANSWER Blessed-Cursed 1st Album Repackage Boy Group
2022-01-10 Kim Yohan (WEi) Solo Comeback Illusion Dessert 1st Mini Album Boy Solo
2022-01-10 Hong Eunki Comeback How Do You Feel Boy Solo
2022-01-12 Mirae Comeback Marvelous 3rd Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-12 Hyolyn Comeback Layin' Low Girl Group
2022-01-13 Max Changmin Comeback Devil Boy Solo
2022-01-14 Momoland English Yummy Yummy Love Girl Group
2022-01-14 OnlyOneOf Comeback Instinct Part.2 skinz Boy Group
2022-01-16 Wheein Comeback WHEE 2nd Mini Album Girl Solo
2022-01-17 DRIPPIN Comeback Villain 3rd Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-17 Choi Yena Solo Debut SMiLEY Girl Solo
2022-01-17 fromis_9 Comeback Midnight Guest 4th Mini Album Girl Group
2022-01-17 AB6IX Special Complete With You Special Album Boy Group
2022-01-17 JinJin & Rocky (ASTRO) Unit Debut Restore 1st Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-17 Taeyeon Pre-Release Can't Control Myself Can't Control Myself Girl Solo
2022-01-18 Yuju Solo Debut Rec. Play 1st Mini Album Girl Solo
2022-01-18 VICTON Comeback Chronograph 3rd Single Album Boy Group
2022-01-18 BamBam Comeback B 2nd Mini Album Boy Solo
2022-01-19 Moonbyul Solo Comeback 6equence Lunatic 3rd Mini Album Girl Solo
2022-01-24 Pentagon Comeback IN:VITE U 12th Mini Album Boy Group
2022-01-26 Golden Child Japanese Debut A WOO!! A WOO!! Japanese Debut Single Boy Group
2022-01-27 Wanna One Special Beautiful Part 3 Boy Group
2022-01-24 Nature Comeback Rica Rica Girl Group
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