STAYC Staydom

STAYC Staydom Teaser / Concept Photos (28 photos, HD/HQ)

STAYC will make their first comeback on April 8, 2021.

It will be their 2nd single album titled Staydom. Although it’s a single album, it will have 3 tracks and a remix of their first song (So Bad).

The name of the title track is ASAP.

STAYC Staydom Tracklist

  1. ASAP
  2. So What
  3. Is Love Supposed to Hurt Like This? (사랑은 원래 이렇게 아픈 건가요)
  4. So Bad (Tak Remix) – 3:32

Check the teaser/concept photos in the gallery below. Click for full size!

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