TXT Can't You See Me Teaser

TXT Can’t You See Me MV Teaser Screencaps (4K)

TXT released today the MV teaser for Can’t You See Me, title track of their mini album titled The Dream Chapter: Eternity. The

The Dream Chapter: Eternity tracklist

  1. Drama (3’29”)
  2. Can’t You See Me? (3’21”)
  3. Fairy of Shampoo (4’27”)
  4. Maze in the Mirror (3’46”)
  5. PUMA (3’25”)
  6. Eternally (3’37”)

They also released individual teaser videos for each TXT member.

You can check the videos and some screencaps from the MV teaser below, click for full size!

Sunday, May 10, 2020 15:19