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October 10, 2016

Pentagon is a 10 membered boyband formed by Cube Entertainment.

The members were introduced in Mnet’s show Pentagon Maker.

Youtube Channel: Pentagon

V app Channel: Pentagon

Facebook Page: pentagon.unitedcube

Twitter Page: @cube_ptg

Instagram Profile: pentagon.official

Official Website:

Discord (unofficial)

Reddit: r/CubePentagon/


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Profile Jinho Jo Jinho 조진호 조진호 17/04/1992 South Korea
Profile Hui Lee Hwitaek 이회택 후이 28/08/1993 South Korea
Profile Hongseok Yang Hongseok 양홍석 홍석 17/04/1994 South Korea
Profile E'Dawn Kim Hyojong 김효종 이던 01/06/1994 South Korea
Profile Shinwon Go Shinwon 고신원 신원 11/12/1995 South Korea
Profile Yeo One Yeon Changgu 여창구 여원 27/03/1996 South Korea
Profile Yan An Yan An 옌안 옌안 25/10/1996 China Shanghai
Profile Yuto Adachi Yuto 아다치 유토 유토 23/01/1998 Japan
Profile Kino Kang Hyungku 강형구 키노 27/01/1998 South Korea
Profile Wooseok Jeong Wooseok 정우석 우석 31/01/1998 South Korea

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