K-Pop Idols named Yujeong/Yoojung

Brave Girls' Yujeong

This is a list of all K-Pop idols named Yujeong or Yoojung.

There are at least 8 idols named Yujeong, either with Yujeong as their stage name or their real name being Yujeong.

Profile Stage Name Full Name Kor. Full Name Kor. Stage Name Date of Birth Group Country Other Country Former Group Gender
GowoonMoon Yujeong문유정고운1998-12-18Berry GoodSouth KoreaF
ProfileYujeongKim Yujeong김유정유정1992-02-14South KoreaLABOUMF
ProfileYujeongNam Yujeong남유정유정1991-05-02Brave GirlsSouth KoreaF
ProfileYoojungChoi Yoojung최유정유정1999-11-12Weki MekiSouth KoreaF
HaruLee Yoojeong이유정하루1997-02-26Ho1idaySouth KoreaMyBF
YoojungLee Taeyeop이태엽유정1997-05-19OnlyOneOfSouth KoreaM
LolaChoi Yoojung최유정로라2001-02-22PixySouth KoreaF
ProfileYujeongLee Yujeong이유정유정2004-06-14LIGHTSUMSouth KoreaF

Idols include:

  • Brave Girls’ Nam Yujeong
  • Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung
  • Berry Good’s Gowoon (Moon Yujeong)
  • LIGHTSUM’s Lee Yujeong
  • OnlyOneOf’s Yujeong
Brave Girls' Yujeong
Brave Girls’ Yujeong