List of K-Pop Girl Groups and their Peak Search popularity based on Google Trends

In the table below you can see which month some K-Pop Girl Groups hit their peak on Google searches, with data from Google Trends and a possible reason for that peak, near the date.

wdt_IDNameKorean NameDebutDate of TrendReason
1(G)I-DLE(여자)아이들2/5/2018May 2018Debut
22NE1투애니원6/5/2009March 2014Release of Come Back Home
34Minute포미닛15/6/2009April 2011Release of Mirror Mirro
49Muses나인뮤지스12/8/2010May 2013Release of Wild
5aespa에스파17/11/2020November 2020Debut
6After School애프터스쿨15/1/2009June 2012Release of Flashback
7AOA에이오에이30/7/2012July 2020Bullying Scandal
8Apink에이핑크19/4/2011December 2014Release of Luv (late Nov)
9Berry Good베리굿21/5/2014November 2016Johyun SNL appearance
10BLACKPINK블랙핑크8/8/2016October 2020Release of the Album
11Brave Girls브레이브걸스31/3/2011March 2017Release of Rollin'
12Brown Eyed Girls브라운 아이드 걸스2/3/2006February 2010Probably Gain on We Got Married
13BVNDIT밴디트10/4/2019May 2020Release of Jungle
14Cherry Bullet체리블렛21/1/2019January 2019Debut
15cignature시그니처4/2/2020February 2020Debut
16CLC씨엘씨18/3/2015January 2017Release of Hobgoblin
17Crayon Pop크레용팝17/7/2012August 2013First win with Bar Bar Bar
18Dal Shabet달샤벳3/1/2011December 2010Debut Announcement
19DreamCatcher드림캐쳐13/1/2017August 2020Release of Boca
20ELRIS엘리스1/7/2017June 2017Debut
21Everglow에버글로우18/3/2019February 2020Release of Dun Dun
22EXID이엑스아이디16/2/2012April 2015Release of Ah Yeah
23f(x)에프엑스24/8/2009July 2014Release of Red Light
24Fiestar피에스타31/8/2012March 2016Release of Mirror
25fromis_9프로미스나인24/1/2018October 2018Release of Love Bomb
26Gfriend여자친구15/1/2015July 2016Release of Navillera
27Girl's Day걸스데이7/7/2010January 2014Release of Something
28Girls' Generation소녀시대5/8/2007January 2013Release of I Got a Boy
29Gugudan구구단28/6/2016July 2016Debut
30GWSN공원소녀5/9/2018September 2018Debut
31Hello Venus헬로비너스9/5/2012January 2015Release of Wiggle Wiggle
32ITZY있지12/2/2019February 2019Debut
33IZ*ONE아이즈원29/10/2018November 2018Debut
34KARA카라29/3/2007January 2011Success in Japan
35Laboum라붐27/8/2014April 2017Release of Hwi Hwi
36Loona이달의 소녀20/8/2018January 2021Chuu probably
37Lovelyz러블리즈17/11/2014November 2014Debut
38Mamamoo마마무18/6/2014December 2019Release of Hip and Mama performance
39miss A미쓰에이1/7/2010April 2015Release of Only You plus Suzy dating news
40Momoland모모랜드9/11/2016July 2018Release of BAAM
41Oh My Girl오마이걸21/4/2015May 2020Release of Nonstop and Dolphin
42Pristin프리스틴21/3/2017March 2017Debut
43Rainbow레인보우12/8/2010June 2013Release of Sunshine
44Red Velvet레드벨벳1/8/2014February 2018Release of Bad Boy
45Rocket Punch로켓펀치7/8/2019August 2019Debut
46SECRET NUMBER시크릿넘버19/5/2020May 2020Debut
47SISTAR씨스타6/3/2010June 2013Release of Give it to Me
48Sonamoo소나무29/12/2014January 2015Debut
49Stellar스텔라28/8/2011February 2014Release of Marionette
50T-ara티아라29/7/2009July 2012Snake "scandal"
51TWICE트와이스20/10/2015December 2017Release of Heart Shaker
52Weki Meki위키미키8/8/2017August 2017Debut
53WJSN우주소녀25/2/2016January 2017Release of I Wish
54Wonder Girls원더걸스13/2/2007March 2009Announcement of English career
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