PENTAGON WE:TH Concept Group

Pentagon WE:TH Concept Photos (HD/HQ/HR)

Pentagon released their 10th mini album on October 12, 2020 titled WE:TH.

The title track is the song Daisy (데이지). The whole tracklist is below:

Track Lyrics Composed Arranged by
01. 데이지 (Daisy) Hui, Wooseok Hui, NATHAN, Wooseok NATHAN, yunji
02. Beautiful Goodbye Kino, Wooseok Kino, NATHAN, HOHO NATHAN, HOHO
03. 그해 그달 그날 (Nostalgia) Wooseok MosPick, Wooseok MosPick
04. You Like Hui, Wooseok Hui, Minit, Wooseok Minit
05. Paradise (별이 빛나는 이 밤) Kino, Wooseok Kino, MosPick MosPick
06. I’m Here (Jinho Solo) *CD Only Jinho Jinho NATHAN, Jun_p

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Check the concept photos of the Pentagon members for the WE:TH mini album, click for full size!