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TXT Taehyun The Dream Chapter: Eternity Teaser Photos – Port (HD/HQ/HR)

TXT revealed on April 30, 2020 the first teaser photos for The Dream Chapter: Eternity. These teaser photos are the Port version.

There is already a post that has all the TXT The Dream Chapter: Eternity Port Teaser photos in good quality, but now that we got the teaser photos ineven better quality and resolution, we’ll make seperate posts for each member: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun (this post) and Hueningkai.

The photos are in 8000 pixels width or height, they are down from the original ~11000×9000 resolution to keep the filesize a bit smaller, and these are the photos that will go in the individual profile pages of the TXT members (we always have there the highest resolution/quality available). The photos may have not only Taehyun but other members as well, but they were in his “instagram profile” section in the TXT website.

Check the photos below, click for full size!

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