CLC Devil

CLC Devil Teaser / Concept Photos 1&2 (HD)

CLC will release a digital single titled Devil on September 6, 2019.

They released two sets of concept/teaser photos featuring the CLC members.

The resolution of the photos isn’t big (it’s 1500×1000) but you can see them and download them in the best quality available (you can see that the logos and the dates are not pixelated).

Before the release, we will have concept photos in the usual huge resolution.

CLC Devil EunbinCLC Devil EunbinCLC Devil ElkieCLC Devil ElkieCLC Devil SeungheeCLC Devil SeungheeCLC Devil SeungyeonCLC Devil SeungyeonCLC Devil SornCLC Devil SornCLC Devil YeeunCLC Devil YeeunCLC Devil YujinCLC Devil YujinCLC Devil

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 16:01